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The introduction of Aviator® Xpro® to control sclerotinia in canola on Mark Harmer’s Victorian property has delivered both a significant yield advantage, and a much wider spray application window.
A strong focus on a regenerative and more holistic farming approach, ultimately to help develop horticultural crops that can sustain themselves, has triggered a swing to biological inputs for the Kuzmicich brothers at Carnarvon in Western Australia.
Losses from botrytis in strawberries can be up to 100% in certain cases. So, total loss is quite possible when the conditions are against you and you don't have adequate protection. See how John Frisina and Fresh Berry Co. use Serenade Opti as a key part of their management program.
Annual ryegrass has been an issue over the last five years at Mentara Park in Malinong, South Australia. Without reliable control they experience significant yield impact in their cereal crops.
Faced with their highest ever infestation of diamondback moth larvae in brassicas, Lockyer Valley grower Paul Windolf tried a new approach to controlling one of their most damaging pests.
Hull rot has become one of the most economically damaging diseases of almond crops in the Riverland in recent years and needs to be a key component of disease management programs starting early in the season.
New research from Bayer has revealed 85 percent of growers surveyed in 2019 suspect they have glyphosate-resistant weeds on farm, an increase of over 10 per cent since 2016.

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