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The Proven Power
of Basta

Basta brandtag

Basta® Non-Selective Herbicide

Broad-spectrum weed control with a high level of crop safety. If you need to control weeds in grapevines or other valuable horticulture crops, Basta is the right choice to clean up around the crop while giving it maximum protection. More than most products, Basta rewards careful application with exceptional performance. When it is applied with the right equipment at the right timing, Basta is very effective on over 80 species of broadleaf and grass weeds and has a high level of crop safety.

Product Type
Active Ingredient
Glufosinate-ammonium 200 g/L
Formulation Type
Soluble concentrate
Pack Size
5 L
10 L
20 L
110 L
1000 L
Chemical Group

Key Features

Weed control

Registered for over 80 species of broadleaf and grass weeds in horticulture crops and vineyards.


Used throughout the growing season at all crop growth stages.

Highly effective

Reduced number of spray passes necessary, compared to other contact herbicides.

Faster acting

Compared to glyphosate based products, suitable for in-season application.

Grower Stories

Video Thumbnail Video Thumbnail

Basta® Shows Good Weed Control in Sugarcane – City Farms, Murwillumbah (NSW)

Basta® and Balance® have produced great results in trials on City Farms' sugarcane plantations in northern NSW, impressing manager Dave Bartlett. He explains just how effective Basta is in controlling problem weeds, and the big plans he has for the product on their Murwillumbah properties.

Crop Suitability

Application Usage Notes
Bananas Crowsfoot grass
Bananas Willow herbs
Bananas Wireweed (Knotweed/Hogweed)
Grapes Fat hen (White goosefoot)  
Grapes Wild radish  
Grapes Willow herbs  
Grapes Wireweed (Knotweed/Hogweed)  
Nuts Crowsfoot grass  
Nuts Fat hen (White goosefoot)  
Nuts Willow herbs  
Nuts Wireweed (Knotweed/Hogweed)  
Pome Fruit Fat hen (White goosefoot)  
Pome Fruit Willow herbs  
Pome Fruit Wireweed (Knotweed/Hogweed)  
Sugarcane Crowsfoot grass  
Sugarcane Fat hen (White goosefoot)  
Sugarcane Willow herbs  
Sugarcane Wireweed (Knotweed/Hogweed)  
Sugarcane Guinea grass  


Product Comment
Actril® DS Physically compatible.
Amicide® Advance Physically compatible.
Amicide Advance + Balance® Pro SC Physically compatible.
Amicide Advance + Gesaprim® 900 WG  Physically compatible. Constant agitation required - on standing separation/settlement will occur. 
Amicide Advance + Soccer® 600 SC  Physically compatible. Constant agitation required - on standing separation/settlement will occur. Storage of mix overnight is not advised. In soft water irreversible settling will occur.  
Amicide Advance + Balance Pro SC + Soccer 600 SC + Liase®  Physically compatible. Constant agitation required - on standing separation/settlement will occur. Storage of mix overnight is not advised. The mix takes considerable agitation to redisperse. 
Ammonium sulphate  Physically compatible. Beads of Rhodorsil 481 evident.  
Atragranaz®  Physically compatible.  
Balance® 750 WG  Physically compatible.  
Baton® Low  Physically compatible. Baton Low dissolves to form a form a slightly hazy solution in hard water.  
Diuron® 900 DF  Physically compatible. Constant agitation required - on standing separation/settlement will occur. 
Dual Gold®  Physically compatible.  
Flame®  Physically compatible.  
Gesaprim® 900 WG  Physically compatible. Constant agitation required. On standing separation/settlement will occur. 
Krismat® 75 WG  Physically compatible. Constant agitation required. On standing separation/settlement will occur. 
Liase  Physically compatible. Beads of Rhodorsil 481 evident.  
Starane® Advanced  Physically compatible.  
Stomp® 440  Physically compatible.  


Basta® Weed Control in Vineyards User Guide

Basta Non-Selective Herbicide SDS

Basta Product Label

Basta® Effective Control of Crowsfoot Grass User Guide

Basta® Effective Application in Plantation Crops User Guide


Question Answer
1 Which broadleaf and grass weeds are controlled by Basta? Basta will assist in the control of many annual and perennial weeds, as follows. Annual weeds: Amaranthus, apple of Peru, Argentine peppercress, awnless barnyard grass, barley grass, barnyard grass, billy goat weed, bitter cress, black bindweed, bladder ketmia, bordered panic, brome grass, calopo, caltrop burr, cape weed, subterranean clover, cobbler's peg, common storksbill, crowsfoot grass, dead nettle, dwarf crumbweed, fat hen, fumitory, green crumbweed, lesser canary grass, liverseed grass, annual medics, milk thistle, mint weed, New Zealand spinach, Paterson's curse, peanuts, pigweed, pinkburr, potato weed, prairie grass, prickly lettuce, red natal grass, annual ryegrass, saffron thistle, St. Barnaby's thistle, sago weed, scarlet pimpernel, setaria, sheep thistle, silver grass, sorghum/sudax, square weed, stagger weed, Star of Bethlehem, summer grass, thickhead, three cornered jack, tomato, Townsville stylo, turnip weed, variegated thistle, wheat, wild carrot, wild gooseberry, wild mustard, wild oats, wild radish, wire weed. Perennial weeds: Blady grass, cape tulip, centro, clover glycine, couch grass, cow pea, giant sensitive plant, greenleaf desmodium, Johnson grass, panicum, paspalum, perennial bindweed, shamrock, sida weed, silver leaf desmodium, siratro, stink grass, white clover, white eye, willow herb.
2 Do I need to use a surfactant/wetting agent when applying Basta? The addition of a wetting agent or other adjuvant with Basta is generally not considered necessary, with the exception of the required addition of an adjuvant to assist in control of Pinus spp. However, benefit has been obtained using a wetting agent or adjuvant on hard-to-wet weeds when using water rates in excess of 500 L/ha. The rate is 25 mL/100 L of a 1000 g/L non-ionic wetting agent, or equivalent. For information about the use of compatible wetting agents and adjuvants, please refer to the product label or contact Bayer Crop Science.
3 At what crop stage is the use of Basta recommended? Basta can be used at all crop growth stages, however plants less than two years old and all plant parts that have not yet lignified need to be shielded from spray contact. Contact with crop foliage should be avoided when spraying. To achieve maximum results, the targeted weeds should be young and actively growing.
4 When is the best time to apply Basta?  Herbicide activity, crop vulnerability and weed susceptibility are greatly impacted by environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and moisture. Application should be avoided when the weather is hot and dry, the weeds are under stress or rainfall is likely within six hours or when the foliage is wet. Basta works best under warm moist conditions. 
5 What determines the recommended use rate specified on the label?  Rates can vary based on the weed species targeted. Weed stage of growth – younger, smaller weeds generally require a lower use rate than more mature weeds. Weed density – higher density stands of weeds require higher rates. Climactic conditions – hotter and drier conditions require higher use rates. Please consult label for full details. 
6 What is important to remember when spraying?  Thorough spray coverage is essential for many herbicides to work at their best. This is true also for Basta. For Basta, the best ways to achieve the necessary coverage are using high water volumes of 300-500 L/ha and choosing a nozzle and boom configuration which delivers thorough and even coverage of all weeds. 
7 Which other herbicides are compatible with Basta Herbicide?  Basta covers a very broad spectrum of weeds on its own, however supplementing application with residual herbicides eg. simazine, diuron, oxyfluorfen (Goal®), norfluazuron (Solicam®) or oryzalin (Surflan®) may result in extended weed control. For more information, please refer to the product brochure, the user guide, the product label or contact Bayer Crop Science. 

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