Roundup Ready Technology Varieties

Bayer partner with leading canola seed companies to ensure Roundup Ready Technologies are available in high-performing varieties. Please contact seed companies directly for variety-specific inquiries.

TruFlex Canola Varieties

Seed Company Variety Website
  • InVigor® R 4022P
  • Nuseed Condor TF
  • Nuseed Raptor TF
 Pacific Seeds
  • Hyola® 410XX
  • Hyola® Garrison XC
  • Hyola® Battalion XC

Roundup Ready Canola Varieties

Seed Company Varieties Website
  • InVigor® R 3520
  • InVigor® R 4020P
  • InVigor® R 5520P
  • BASF 3000TR
  • V5003RR
  • GT-41
  • GT-42
  • GT-53
 Nutrien Ag Solutions
  • DG 408RR
  • 43Y23 [RR]
  • 43Y29 [RR]
  • 44Y27 (RR)
  • 45Y28 [RR]