Round Two Winners

Round Two Winners Gallery

Left to right: Rob, Tim and Chris Phelan (winners), Tim Hofmaier (Agronomist Western Ag)
Top row: Jess and Nicholas Ward, Bottom row: Anthony Smyth (Landmark Mingenew), Bryce, Jesse and Caleb Ward (winners), Ty Gronow (Bayer Crop Science)
Left to right: Mark Zanatta (Terra AG Services - Senior Agronomist), Kyleigh Turner (Bayer), Dean Salvestro (Warrawidgee Farms - Winner), Jordan Beltrame (Terra AG Services - Store Manager), Trent Anderson (Terra AG Services - Director/ Merchandise Manager)
Left to right: Alistair Beyer (Bayer Crop Science), Danny Eastham (Merchandise Manager, Landmark Wandin), George and Annemiek Kortekaas (Winners)
Left to right: Joshua Richardson (TGT Dimbulah), Tony Fitzgerald (Bayer Crop Science), James Wells (Extreme Motorcycles), Wim Van Niekerk (winner), Ali Zenel and Allan Sutton (both TGT Dimbulah)

Round One Winners Gallery

Left to right: Jason Hann (Russell Industries Salesman – local Polaris dealer in Mt Gambier), Craig Jackson (Bayer Crop Science), Nikki and Richard Kirkland (winner), Tim Moyle (Agronomist with Millicent Farm Supplies) 
Left to right: Darren Alexander (Bayer Crop Science), Robert Cranwell and John Cranwell (winner), Craig Mathew (EEM manager) and Nigel Dolenec (agronomist)
Left to right: James Wells (Extreme MC), Michelle Milicevic (winner), her two boys, Ante Milicevic, Tony Fitzgerald (Bayer Crop Science), Sheldon Mulla (TGT)
Left to right: Bronwen Coole (Frankland Rural), Chloe Casson (Frankland Rural), Kevin Watterson (winner), Glen Bergersen (Bayer Crop Science)
Left to right: Brendon McCoullough (Branch Manager Landmark Temora), Ross Henley (Bayer Crop Science), Jack (winner) and Keryl Derrick