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The seed treatment
that little monsters fear

Poncho® Plus Insecticide Seed Treatment

Poncho Plus is an insecticidal seed treatment product that has registration in eight crops for control of eight separate insect pests. Poncho Plus is an innovative seed treatment that combines two robust compounds, imidacloprid and clothiandin, which increase the insect control spectrum for growers of canola and summer crops.

Product Type
Seed Treatments
Active Ingredient
Clothianidin 360 g/L
Imidacloprid 240 g/L
Formulation Type
Flowable concentrate for seed treatment
Pack Size
20 L
Chemical Group

Crop Suitability

Application Usage Notes
Pastures - Grass Yellowheaded pasture cockchafer
Pastures - Grass African black beetle
Canola (Rape) - Seed Aphids
Maize  Aphids   
Forage Brassicas  Aphids   
Sorghum  Aphids   
Sweet Corn  Aphids   
Canola (Rape) - Seed  Blue oat mite   
Forage Brassicas  Blue oat mite   
Pastures - Grass  Blue oat mite   
Pastures - Broadleaf  Blue oat mite   
Canola (Rape) - Seed  Cutworms   
Maize  Cutworms   
Forage Brassicas  Cutworms   
Pastures - Grass  Cutworms   
Sorghum  Cutworms   
Sunflowers  Cutworms   
Sweet Corn  Cutworms  
Pastures - Broadleaf  Cutworms   
Canola (Rape) - Seed  Lucerne flea   
Forage Brassicas  Lucerne flea   
Pastures - Grass  Lucerne flea   
Pastures - Broadleaf  Lucerne flea   
Canola (Rape) - Seed  Redlegged earth mite   
Forage Brassicas  Redlegged earth mite   
Pastures - Grass  Redlegged earth mite   
Pastures - Broadleaf  Redlegged earth mite   
Canola (Rape) - Seed  Wireworms   
Maize  Wireworms   
Forage Brassicas  Wireworms   
Sorghum  Wireworms   
Sunflowers  Wireworms   
Sweet Corn  Wireworms   

Poncho Plus Product Label

Poncho Plus Seed Treatment SDS

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