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South Australian grapegrower Brian Nitschinsk knows only too well the damage botrytis can cause in a vineyard. In 2016, he dumped 80-100 tonne of Shiraz grapes on the ground following rejection by wineries.
Time is of the essence in most farming enterprises, so when something comes along that saves it, is easier to use and can help increase profits, it's always going to be roundly received.
Looking back on the recently concluded Bayer Year of the Grower Promotion, the numbers are impressive; 365 days "live", 1,000's of entries, 100's of participating stores, 2 draws and 10 lucky winners.

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Serenade® Prime delivers less waste and higher efficiency for Hauser Farms

Small changes in process have delivered big results in plant health, better quality product and streamlined packaging for Kerry Hauser across his potato, carrot, bean and pumpkin crops.
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iGiveLocal - Bringing a smile to a community group near you

From Men's Sheds to volunteer firies, school camps to local hospitals, the iGiveLocal Community Support Program ñ a Bayer initiative supported by CRT ñ donates money to support local community groups across Australia. Since its inception, iGiveLocal has donated over $100,000 to 190 different community groups.
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Managing pests and diseases through planning your spray program for best practice.

Grape yield, berry and wine quality can all be severely affected by vineyard pests and diseases, meaning lower productivity and profitability. A well-planned spray program can give you the confidence of knowing that you have the right tools and best practices in place to meet these challenges.

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