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Hortcast episode 9
HortCast Episode 9

HortCast Episode 9

Join Craig White as he discusses the achievements and challenges of the Australian macadamia industry over the years, with Jolyon Burnett, CEO of the Australian Macadamia Society and Bayer's Tim O’Grady explains how SIVANTO® prime can safely help manage macadamia lace bug from causing significant nut losses. Listen now

Grower Stories

With top quality fruit being the goal at Makhoma Farms in the Gin Gin-Wide Bay region of Queensland, owner John Warren is quick to point out that it’s a whole program approach that is not only most effective, but also most efficient.
Improved weed control flexibility, operational benefits and helping to achieve high crop yields, has prompted a full change in Chapman Valley grower Trevor Piggott’s canola program this year.
Some pests such as codling moth can cause almost 100% crop loss in apples, so running up front with Vayego can make your season much easier. Seeing the development trials and first season results for Vayego has delivered the confidence for Horticultural Agronomist, Rob Salter to say it’s the best Group 28 product he’s seen in the market. 
Control of codling moth in the southern Queensland apple growing region of Stanthorpe is important for local growers, given how damaging the pest can be.
The introduction of Aviator Xpro to control sclerotinia in canola on Mark Harmer’s Victorian property has delivered both a significant yield advantage, and a much wider spray application window.
A strong focus on a regenerative and more holistic farming approach, ultimately to help develop horticultural crops that can sustain themselves, has triggered a swing to biological inputs for the Kuzmicich brothers at Carnarvon in Western Australia.

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