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Risk management focus changes approach to weed management

Rob Purvis is increasingly focusing on risk management within the mixed farming enterprise he manages in South Australia and this is changing his approach to weed management.

New seed treatment benefits ‘obvious’ in south-east WA trial

Growers challenged by diseases such as rhizoctonia and crown rot may be in for a reprieve, along with a general boost in crop health, if early results with a new seed treatment product near Esperance in Western Australia are anything to go by.

New hybrid TT canola looking promising 

The new triazine-tolerant (TT) hybrid canola variety, InVigor T 4510, is looking the goods at the Rylington Park research property near Boyupbrook in Western Australia.

Pre-emergent Trials Highlight Strength of Sakura

With stand-alone prosulfocarb (800 g/L) pre-emergent chemistry relatively new to the market in 2017, four small plot trials were conducted across Western Australia in 2016 aimed at comparing the performance of a range of different pre-emergent grass control options, including prosulfocarb.

On the trail of resistant weeds

Agronomist and VIC grower Heath Griffiths explores the impact of resistance on his bottom line and how the chemistry in products like Sakura, Velocity and Precept are working to keep weed numbers down.

Strong investment in radish control saves paddock for 2017 season

WA grower Mark Sutton explains how has managed to turn the year around with higher than average yields through a slow introduction of Group H herbicide Velocity, knocking down hard to kill wild radish and deal with problem paddocks.

Weed resistance management education critical

Elders Agronomist Jeshua Smith explores old and new ways of tackling resistance with heavy emphasis on farmers getting the right education when it comes to managing resistance. He references ‘Diversity Can’t Wait’ as a powerful tool for understanding where and how resistance can work its way into an area.

Enhanced Prosaro Scale better predicts disease

Enhancements to fungal prediction tool the Prosaro Scale mean the app now uses future temperature forecasts to predict disease outbreak in Canola, helping growers take action sooner. 

Trial shows options to improve wild radish control in oats

Agronomist Helen Wyatt reveals how Precept is a stand out performer when it comes to controlling wild radish in WA and achieving maximum efficacy on oat crops.

A veteran of farming solutions

Bayer Senior Development Specialist Mike Clarke reflects on his career highlights and contribution to Bayer over 30 years. He also talks on successes he has had with products like Velocity and Aviator Xpro and how they are paving the way in the fight against herbicide resistance.

New weed control option in oats brings benefits

WA grower explores new weed management options for oat crops, with Precept proving to be a cost effective, new discovery for controlling more mature weeds and higher weed densities.

Complete system providing control of problem weeds

NSW farmer Chad Cruikshank reveals how tight rotation practices, a Sakura pre-emergent spray program and using Precept on bigger wild radish plants have given him success in fighting resistance and keeping his paddocks clean.

Calculated moves for optimum results

Progressive WA growers discuss their cropping decisions and why they adopt an eastern wheatbelt mentality of sowing wheat early in May and incorporating pre-emergent herbicide Sakura.

Is Luna (Sensation) now the best product for powdery? 100%. Absolutely.

First-hand experience on how Luna Sensation tackled black spot, powdery mildew and alternaria from Phil Butler (E.E. Muir agronomist) and Brad Fankhauser, of Fankhauser Apples near Drouin in Gippsland.

Two sprays now common for wild radish control

Ongoing herbicide resistant wild radish concerns in Western Australia’s northern wheatbelt has seen a two-spray strategy become the norm in the region.

Gus takes a grower's perspective for problem solving

Gus MacLennan likes problem solving. It’s a handy characteristic to have in his role as Technical Advisor for Bayer, and it’s strengthened by the fact that when Gus tackles a problem at work, he likes to do it from the growers’ perspective.

Trials show Aviator Xpro wins for disease control, yields

New results reinforce the effectiveness Bayer’s new fungicide, Aviator® Xpro®, against blackleg and sclerotinia in canola.

Novel fungicide chemistry proves its worth in big operation

As agronomist for one of the largest apple packing facilities in the southern hemisphere, Tony Kundert needs to be across the latest technology to make the production system work.

Improved Disease Control from 2017 & Beyond

The launch of foliar fungicide, Aviator® Xpro®, by Bayer for the 2017 season is expected to set a new disease control standard in canola and chickpeas, and for other crops in the future.

Key cherry diseases under control in the Yarra Valley

Clean fruit in the box is everything to Adam Upton, production agronomist at CherryHill Orchards in Victoria.
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Controlling ascochyta blight in chickpeas

The introduction of Aviator Xpro fungicide will set a new standard of ascochyta blight control in chickpeas for the 2017 season.

Resistant Wild Radish in Southern NSW

In 2017, we sponsored random resistance testing of wild radish populations across Southern NSW.
Luna Sensation Almond Crop Guide

Luna Sensation Almonds Crop Guide

Getting the best out of Luna Sensation when applying to almonds.