Brumby Fungicide
Brumby Fungicide

Brumby® 480 SC Fungicide

Brumby 480 SC Fungicide is a new fungicide for use in peanut crops against key leaf diseases. The introduction of Brumby brings much needed innovation to Australian peanut growers for control of early leaf spot, late leaf spot and rust diseases.

For Australian peanut growers, Brumby offers the most potent activity against leaf spots and peanut rust of any product currently registered. Brumby is a systemic fungicide with long-lasting curative and preventative properties. Brumby contains prothioconazole, a third generation member of the DMI group (Group 3). Brumby can be applied up to 4 times per crop. For best disease control in peanut crops, the application of Brumby should be integrated with a protectant based fungicide program.

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Product Type
Active Ingredient
Prothioconazole 480 g/L
Formulation Type
Suspension concentrate (SC)
Pack Size
10 L
Chemical Group
Application (crop) Usage (problem) Notes
Peanuts Early Leaf Spot

QLD, NSW, WA, NT only

Peanuts Late Leaf Spot QLD, NSW, WA, NT only
Peanuts Rust QLD, NSW, WA, NT only

Brumby 480 SC Product Label

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Brumby 480 SC Product Label

Brumby 480 Fungicide SDS

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Brumby 480 Fungicide SDS

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