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Cotton Choices 2: Late Crop Removal and Extended Terms

By selecting Late Crop Removal (LCR) and Extended Terms, your technology fee is waived if your crop is removed due to hail, drought or other adverse conditions or events. Extended payment terms are until the end of July.

The applicable payment date for Cotton Choices® 2: LCR and technology fees are shown below:

Technology fees


Bollgard® 3/Roundup Ready Flex® $420  July 31
Roundup Ready Flex $79

You have the ability to swap between Cotton Choice 2: LCR and Cotton Choice 3: EPR for eligible fields before the seasonal cut-off date. See the key dates here.


  • Price excludes GST.
  • If for any reason your crop fails (hail, flood, sand storm, drought, herbicide drift etc) and is removed on or before the cut-off date for your region, Bayer will waive 100% of the technology fee on the affected hectares
  • Crop Removal must be reported to Monsanto by the cut-off date for your region. See Key Dates for more information
  • This offer does not apply to Roundup Ready Flex unsprayed cotton refuges over 10% of the Bollgard II planting area or 5% of the Bollgard 3 area (as per the trait’s RMP requirements), or to sprayed Roundup Ready Flex, as nominated in the planting audit.

More Cotton Choices

You can choose an upfront price discount on technology fees for your selected fields or refuge crops.

You can choose to pay an End Point Royalty (EPR) per bale after ginning to assist in managing production and cashflow risk.

For each field or management unit enter your product, production system, area, planting configuration, expected yield per green hectare and your Cotton Choices selection. Once you've entered all your intended planting details, compare different scenarios.

Please refer to the Bollgard 3 and Roundup Ready Flex Technology User Agreement General Terms and Conditions before you plant for full details on the Cotton Choices™ program and on growing Monsanto’s cotton traits this season.

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