EverGol® Xtend seed treatment product from Bayer
EverGol® Xtend seed treatment product from Bayer

EverGol® Xtend Seed Treatment

EverGol Xtend is an innovative new generation Succinate Dehydrogenase Inhibitor (SDHI) and strobilurin fungicidal seed treatment from Bayer. Control of Rhizoctonia and Fusarium by EverGol Xtend in pasture crops is characterised by improved plant emergence and survival, a reduction in hypocotyl damage and an increase in above ground biomass. This may be beneficial for feed production (both hay and silage), livestock production, and increased carrying capacity per hectare. When EverGol Xtend is combined with Gaucho® to control establishment insects, increased early vigour maybe also be beneficial during the establishment phase in autumn, winter, when conditions may be dry or wet and cold.

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Product Type
Seed Treatments
Active Ingredient
Penflufen 154 g/L
Trifloxystrobin 154 g/L
Formulation Type
Flowable concentrate for seed treatment
Chemical Group
Application Usage
Canola (Rape) - Seed Fusarium patch
Pastures Fusarium patch
Canola (Rape) - Seed Hypocotyl rot
Brassicas - Forage - Seed  Rhizoctonia ground rot 
Canola (Rape) - Seed  Rhizoctonia ground rot 
Pastures  Rhizoctonia ground rot 
Product Comment
Apron® XL Physically compatible.
Cosmos® + Apron XL Physically compatible.
Cosmos Physically compatible.
Gaucho® FS 600  Physically compatible.  
Gaucho FS 600 + Apron XL  Physically compatible.  
Jockey® Stayer®  Physically compatible.  
Jockey Stayer + Cosmos + Poncho® Plus + Water  Physically compatible.  
Maxim® 100 FS  Physically compatible.  
Maxim 100 FS + Cosmos + Poncho Plus + Water  Physically compatible.  
Maxim XL  Physically compatible.  
Poncho Plus + Apron XL  Physically compatible.  

EverGol Xtend Product Label

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EverGol Xtend Product Label

EverGol Xtend SDS

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EverGol Xtend SDS

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