Delivering world-class innovation to Australian farmers

Australian agriculture is, and has always been, innately innovative. This has underpinned the productivity gains required to succeed in one of the harshest, most variable environments in the world.


Bayer has supported Australian farmer innovation since 1925 and we continue to do so today. It’s what drives us, delivering better solutions for all farmers, helping them and consumers to thrive, for the good of Australia. Our leading research capabilities in biology, biotechnology, chemistry and data science, bolstered by an established network of partners, ensures that we can bring smarter solutions to Australian farmers tailored to their individual needs.


Every field, every crop and every farmer are different; each with their own needs, challenges and goals. That’s why we offer farmers tailored solutions that meet the specific needs to their farms, crops and soil, so they can grow enough all while preserving our environment.


We also partner with local innovators, research bodies and commercial partners, and work to bring Bayer-led innovations to Australia’s farms. We improve grower productivity across every paddock, hectare and greenhouse, through a product pipeline that’s underpinned by our significant investment in research and development, both locally in research facilities in Toowoomba and Locharba, and around the world.


Our investment in innovation is for the sole purpose of improving returns for farmers through increased yields and quality, new modes of action with improved environmental profiles to help manage resistant pests, and access to international markets through modern, targeted chemistry.


We reduce the environmental impact of farming through conservation farming methods and water use efficiency, leading to more efficient, less costly sustainable farming. Increasingly, we’re drawing on automation, digital tools and data to drive greater innovation in our R&D pipeline, to breed the next generation of seeds for specific regions, climates and soil types and to provide tailored solutions that best support decisions made from plant to harvest.


All in all, we have a commitment and responsibility to ensure our innovations are taken up by Australia’s farmers large and small, creating lasting change for Australia’s agriculture industry.