About Bayer Crop Science Australia

Shaping Australian Agriculture

Our world faces enormous challenges, from a changing climate, limited natural resources and a growing population. Agriculture is part of the solution.


Bayer has been investing in Australian agriculture for almost 100 years, supplying leading brands backed by expert advice in the areas of seeds and plant biotechnology, crop protection and non-agricultural pest control.


As a business, we are committed to shaping Australian agriculture to benefit farmers and consumers, for the good of Australia’s environment, society and economy


Our spirit of innovation and curiosity means we are always looking to develop more advanced solutions to environmental and commercial challenges, and we are as passionate about shaping the future of Australian agriculture as ever.


On and off the farm, we work closely with our customers, our business and research partners and the wider community to improve the security of our food, feed and fibre supplies and our overall quality of life. This great tradition is also our commitment to the future, and is underpinned by four key pillars:


  • Good for Australia - we are supporting a strong and prosperous future for Australia's agriculture industry
  • Innovation - we are delivering world-class research and development to Australian farmers
  • Sustainability - we are protecting and sustaining Australia's farms and precious resources
  • People - we are fostering the growth of Australian agriculture's next generation of experts and leaders in the field