Luna Sensation
Luna Sensation

Luna® Sensation Fungicide

Luna Sensation is a unique combination of fluopyram, a novel chemical within the ‘SDHI’ family, and trifloxystrobin. This combination provides unrivalled efficacy in a range of subtropical, tropical and temperate fruit and nut crops, as well as lettuce, when targeting various key diseases. The exceptional level of in-crop disease control provided by Luna Sensation has been shown to result in healthier looking produce and superior shelf-life after harvest, when used as part of a robust disease control program. 

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Product Type
Active Ingredient
Fluopyram 250 g/L
Trifloxystrobin 250 g/L
Formulation Type
Suspension concentrate (SC)
Pack Size
3 L
10 L
20 L
Chemical Group
Application Usage
 Avocados  Anthracnose
 Avocados  Stem end rot
 Mangoes  Anthracnose
 Mangoes  Stem end rot
 Lychee  Lychee pepper spot
 Papaya  Black spot
 Papaya  Brown spot
 Passionfruit  Septoria spot
 Passionfruit  Brown Spot
 Stone fruit  Blossom blight
 Almonds  Blossom blight
 Pears  Black spot (pear scab)
 Almonds  Shot hole
 Stone fruit  Shot hole
 Almonds  Stone fruit rust
 Apples  Black spot (apple scab)
 Apples  Powdery mildew
 Apples  Alternaria leaf blotch (suppression only)
 Almonds  Hull rot
 Stone fruit  Brown rot
Product Comment
 Agridex® + Altacor®  Physically compatible.
 Applaud® 400 SC  Physically compatible.
 Avatar® 300 WG  Physically compatible. Constant agitation required - on standing separation/settlement will occur.
 Biopest®  Physically compatible.
 Calypso® 480 SC  Physically compatible. Constant agitation required - on standing separation/settlement will occur.
 Confidor® 200 SC  Physically compatible.
 Delegate® 250 WG  Physically compatible.
 Lannate® L 225  Physically compatible.
 Lepidex® 500 SL  Physically compatible.
 Lorsban® 500 EC  Physically compatible.
 Maldison® 500 EC  Physically compatible.
 Agridex + Movento® 240 SC  Physically compatible.
 Prodigy® 240 SC  Physically compatible.
 Revus® 250 SC  Physically compatible.
 Samurai® 500 WG  Physically compatible.
 Talstar® 250 EC  Physically compatible.
 Transform® 240 SC  Physically compatible.
 Copper Oxychloride 500 WP  Physically compatible.
 Kocide® Blue Xtra 350 WG  Physically compatible.
 Tri-Base® Blue  Physically compatible.
 Bortrac® 150  Physically compatible.
 Bio Forge  Physically compatible.
 Canopy Master 10  Physically compatible.
 Foli-Zyme  Physically compatible.
 Iron chelate  Physically compatible.
 Liquid boron  Physically compatible.
 SETT/CaB®  Physically compatible.
 Sugar Mover  Physically compatible.
 Zinc chelate  Physically compatible.
 Calcium chloride  Physically compatible. Constant agitation required - on standing separation/settlement will occur.
 Calcium nitrate  Physically compatible. Constant agitation required - on standing separation/settlement will occur.
 Ken-tac 100  Physically compatible. Constant agitation required - on standing separation/settlement will occur.
 Acramite Miticide  Physically compatible.
 Omite® 300 WP  Physically compatible. Omite settles out once agitation ceases.

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Featured Resources

Luna Sensation delivers a high level of control against sclerotinia rot in lettuce crops. Fluopyram reduces a fungi’s ability to germinate, colonise and sporulate on the plant’s surface. Click the link below to download a copy of the latest trial results.
Luna® Sensation Fungicide, from Bayer, is a unique combination of fluropyram and trifloxystrobin, creating a new industry standard for fungal disease management in avocados and a range of tropical fruit crops.
Invest on protecting your almond crop this season. Not managing hull tot infection in your almond crop can have a series of significant outcomes, including: the quality downgrade of nuts, harvest yield loss, storage losses and an increase in insect pests.

Latest videos

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Video Thumbnail

“Nothing compares to Luna® Sensation” in helping keep pome and stone fruit crops clean of disease

John Campbell from Donnybrook Farm Service recommends using Luna® Sensation early and late to help control diseases in pome and stone fruit.
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Improve disease control and flexibility in stone fruit with Luna® Sensation

Luna® Sensation delivers Mattina Orchards “fantastic preventative results in the orchard, and it’s paying off in the pack house”. Hear first-hand experience on how you can control in crop diseases and enjoy positive post-harvest benefits Luna® Sensation fungicide. . 
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Video Thumbnail

See how Luna Sensation is leading disease control in Victoria’s Goulburn Valley.

After first trialing Luna® Sensation fungicide in 2015, within three years the product was being used on all apples, pears and plums every season at the MJ Hall and Sons operation in Victoria’s Goulburn Valley.
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Luna Sensation: Extending the vitality of apples, pears and stone fruit

“Hail, rain or shine, whatever; it’ll be going on” - Don’t take our word for it, listen to these testimonials from growers who have tried Luna Sensation in apples and stone fruits. Offering great control of diseases such as black spot, powdery mildew and suppression of alternaria, the benefits of Luna Sensation also extend into post-harvest.

Grower Stories

Being a major producer of avocados in southern Queensland, Sunnyspot Farms needs to be right onto disease management to protect their crops. It’s especially important, according to Farm Manager Tyson Cross, because avocados are such a ‘sensitive’ tree.
Hull rot has become one of the most economically damaging diseases of almond crops in the Riverland in recent years and needs to be a key component of disease management programs starting early in the season.
Veteran fruit grower Joe Giblett knows the threats disease and insects pose to successful orchard production.
"If you have rain in January and February here, you will get hull rot. You get the primary infection and then you get the secondary infection from carob moth because of the mummies left in the trees.’’

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