Request a License & Stewardship Agreement (LSA)

LSA process

To grow Bayer's trait technology, including TruFlex® canola with Roundup Ready® Technology and Roundup Ready canola, growers must complete the following steps prior to planting. 

  1. Request a License and Stewardship Agreement (LSA) using the form below. The agreement will be sent to you via DocuSign.
  2. Listen and watch the accreditation webinar that is sent to you via email.
  3. Complete and sign the LSA via DocuSign if wanting to grow Roundup Ready Canola Technologies.

If your LSA is dated 2021 or earlier you will need to sign a new LSA. Once this updated LSA is signed, it will be evergreen, and you will not be required to complete an updated LSA in subsequent seasons. 

There is no obligation to grow canola containing TruFlex or Roundup Ready traits once the agreement has been signed.

On demand accreditation webinar

Date: On demand   Time: On demand   Duration: 40 minutes

Prior to planting TruFlex canola or Roundup Ready canola, growers must complete an accreditation course.

The accreditation training is an important requirement of Bayer’s stewardship program. This training is designed to provide growers and advisors with the information they need to successfully grow canola containing TruFlex or Roundup Ready traits. Through this stewardship, we are helping to ensure successful coexistence of GM technologies with all other farming systems

Once you have filled out the below form to request an LSA, the accreditation webinar will be sent to you via email.

If you have already completed the accreditation and have not yet received an LSA, you will also need to complete the form below.


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