Setting new standards for sustainable agriculture

We believe every investment in innovation should also be an investment in sustainability. As custodians of the land, farmers have an interest in protecting and sustaining their farms and Australia’s precious resources. Bayer wants Australian agriculture to meet the increasing demand for quality food while sustaining the Australian environment and addressing the challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss.


Our long-term success lies not in selling more products, but in providing farmers with the best tools and solutions so they can achieve better harvests using less water, land and energy. By doing so, we shape a more sustainable future for one of Australia’s most important industries. That’s why globally, Bayer has committed to work with farmers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to cut the environmental impact of crop production by 30 per cent by 2030.


For Australia this means working with farmers to improve soil health, biodiversity, biological crop protection, water use efficiency and water conservation, and sustainable weed management. Our commitment is also about stewardship, ensuring our products have no negative impact on human health and the environment.


We will continue to work with Australian researchers, regulators and other leaders to put our commitments into action. This will ensure we set new standards in sustainability to drive agriculture forward, while fostering an informed, science-based dialogue about agriculture.


As a leader in Australian agriculture, we have the opportunity – and responsibility – to create a better, more sustainable tomorrow for Australia.