Routine brand tag
Routine brand tag

Routine® 200 SC Fungicide

Routine is a new fungicide coming soon from Bayer that, once approved, will be recommended for the control of key diseases in bananas1.

Routine works by activating the plant´s natural defence system, helping the plant to protect itself. This mode of action differs from most other fungicides. With no known risk of resistance development, flexible application timing, safety to beneficial species for use in IPM programs2 and a favourable environmental profile2; Routine offers several benefits in a preventative spray program when used with standard in-field practices for disease management. 

1An application for registration of Routine 200 SC Fungicide has been made. At the time of publication Routine is not a registered product. Registration is expected in 2022. 

2When used as directed.

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Product Type
Active Ingredient
Isotianil 200 g/L
Formulation Type
Suspension concentrate (SC)
Active ingredient Mode of action CropLife classification


 Host plant defence inducer via systemic acquired resistance 

Group P03


Routine mode of action diagram

Crop Disease
Bananas Several key banana diseases

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