Tank mixing guides

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Mateno Complete Mixing guide

Download the Mateno Complete mixing guide and learn how to get the best out of this newly launched herbicide.

tank Mixing guide - download a copy now

This mixing guide download includes formulations/additives, product examples and instructions in an easy to follow, step by step guide. This guide is also available as a tank sticker - to request one, contact your local Bayer representative.

Conversion guides

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Sakura is now available in a liquid and a granule. This conversion guide will help you to ensure you're measuring the correct amount of product per hectare treated. Download the conversion chart below.

Balance Rate Conversion Guide

Balance Flow herbicide is a convenient 480 SC formulation that offers the same in-field performance as the Balance 750 WG formulation. Both products provide residual control of various problematic broadleaf and grass weeds in chickpea and sugarcane crops and in fallow situations