EverGol Prime
EverGol Prime

EverGol® Prime Seed Treatment & In-Furrow Fungicide

By giving wheat, barley and oat growers a higher level of rhizoctonia suppression than the previous industry standard, EverGol Prime has set a new benchmark in fungicidal protection for wheat, barley and oats. Its innovative active ingredient, penflufen, is also highly active on smut diseases, including bunt in wheat. Such powerful disease control promotes increased crop vigour, resulting in plants with increased stem diameter and overall biomass. Those fitter, stronger plants give you a better chance of getting optimal yields from your wheat and barley crops.

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Product Type
Seed Treatments
Active Ingredient
Penflufen 240 g/L
Formulation Type
Flowable concentrate for seed treatment
Pack Size
5 L
10 L
100 L
Chemical Group
Application (crop) Usage (problem)
Barley Covered smut
Barley Loose smut
Barley Rhizoctonia root rot
Oats  Covered smut 
Oats  Loose smut 
Oats  Rhizoctonia root rot 
Wheat  Bunt 
Wheat  Flag smut 
Wheat  Loose smut 
Wheat  Rhizoctonia root rot 
Product Comment
Actellic® 900 + high water Physically compatible. Apply spray mix promptly - do not store mix overnight.
Actellic 900 + low water Physically compatible.
Activist® Max Zinc Physically compatible.
Awaken® ST  Physically compatible.  
Baytan® T Flowable  Physically compatible.  
Divap® 1140 EC  Physically compatible.  
Fenitrothion 1000  Physically compatible.  
Flexi-N®  Physically compatible.  
Gaucho® 600 FS  Physically compatible. Mixture slightly viscous. 
Gaucho 600 FS + Baytan T  Physically compatible. Mixture slightly viscous. 
Gaucho 600 FS + Jockey® Stayer®  Physically compatible. Mixture slightly viscous. 
Gaucho 600 FS + water  Physically compatible.   
Jockey Stayer Physically compatible. Mixture slightly viscous. 
K-Obiol® Combi  Physically compatible. 
Reldan®  Physically compatible. 
Reldan Plus IGR  Physically compatible. 
Rizacon® S IGR  Physically compatible. 
Twin Zinc®  Physically compatible. This mixture was the most viscous of all tested. 

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EverGol Prime Seed Treatment SDS

Question Answer
1 What is the active ingredient in EverGol Prime? EverGol Prime contains the active ingredient penflufen (240 g/L). Penflufen is a powerful SDHI Group 7 carboximides molecule with a new mode of action and superior levels of activity against rhizoctonia.
2 What are the key features of EverGol Prime? EverGol Prime is registered for the suppression of rhizoctonia root rot and the control of smut diseases* and can increase yield by up to 20% in wheat and barley. Through effective disease management, EverGol Prime delivers a new standard in plant health with higher yielding, fitter crops and stronger root systems which improve water and nutrient uptake. EverGol Prime also has excellent crop safety with increased speed of emergence over untreated crops.
*Suppression of soil-borne flag smut.
3 On what types of seed can EverGol Prime be used? EverGol Prime is registered for use in wheat, barley and oats.
4 What is the application rate and water dilution rate of EverGol Prime?  EverGol Prime is registered for application between 40-80 mL/100 kg of seed. This should be diluted with clean water to a total slurry volume of 400-600 mL/100 kg seed (4-6 L per tonne). The addition of water helps to evenly spread the active ingredient in EverGol Prime over each and every seed to provide effective coverage and disease protection.
5 What colour is EverGol Prime on treated seed?  EverGol Prime is red in colour when applied to seed. 
6 What pack size is available for EverGol Prime?  EverGol Prime is available in a 10 L container. This will treat 25 t of seed at a 40 mL/100 kg application rate or 12.5 t of seed at a higher rate of 80 mL/100 kg seed. 
7 Why doesn’t EverGol Prime contain an insecticide?  Stored grain pests have developed resistance to many of the traditional insecticides used in grain storage protection. As part of any resistance management program, it is best to review what has been used in the past and alternate between different chemical groups. Synthetic pyrethroids, organophosphates and growth regulators should be rotated so that no one chemical group is used all the time. For this reason an insecticide has not been included in EverGol Prime so that the insecticide groups can be rotated independent of EverGol Prime. 
8 What is rhizoctonia root disease (Rhizoctonia solani)?  Rhizoctonia is a fungal soil-borne disease that attacks the roots of plants and is often seen as uneven crop growth, weak or bare patches in paddocks. Its presence in the soil is strongly influenced by environmental conditions but is becoming more widespread due to the adoption of conservation farming and intense cereal rotations. The fungus diminishes the roots of the plant limiting its access to water and nutrients, hampering growth. 

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