Match your Cotton Choices® with your yield by field

Cotton Choices® gives Bollgard® 3 and Roundup Ready Flex® growers flexibility to choose the best payment option for their technology fees, to suit the financial and production risks of their farm.

  1. Three unique choices that allow you to opt for an upfront discount, manage risk through late crop removal and payment terms, or pay on a per-bale basis after picking
  2. Choose one of the Cotton Choices across tour farm, or a different one for each field
  3. Can’t decide? You can delay your decision, with the ability to switch between Cotton Choices 2 and Cotton Choices 3 until the cut-off date for your region (see Key dates for details).

The Cotton Choices calculator can help you determine the best choice for your fields. Compare choices today.

Cotton Choices 1, 2, 3

You can choose an upfront price discount on technology fees for your selected fields or refuge crops.

By selecting Late Crop Removal (LCR) and Extended Terms, your technology fee is waived if your crop is removed due to hail, drought, or other adverse conditions or events. Extended payment terms are until the end of July.

You can choose to pay an End Point Royalty (EPR) per bale after ginning to assist in managing production and cashflow risk.

Cotton Choices Calculator

Compare different scenarios with the calculator tool.