XtendiMax 2
XtendiMax 2

XtendiMax® 2 Herbicide with VapourGrip® Technology

XtendiMax 2 Herbicide can be used over-the-top of XtendFlex® cotton to control a broad range of broadleaf weeds when used in mixture or alone, such as fleabane and peach vine.

The addition of VapourGrip Technology in the XtendiMax 2 formulation provides an added benefit to growers, helping to reduce the volatility of dicamba after spraying and subsequent off-target movement.

Only low volatility dicamba herbicide formulations have been approved for use over-the-top of cotton containing the XtendFlex cotton trait.

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Product Type
Active Ingredient
480 g/L dicamba (present as the monoethanolamine salt)
Formulation Type
Soluble concentrate (SL)
Pack Size
20 L
1000 L
Chemical Group
Application Notes
Cotton varieties containing XtendFlex herbicide tolerance technology (XtendFlex cotton). For use in XtendFlex cotton varieties tolerant to over-the-top applications of dicamba, glyphosate and glufosinate-ammonium in those States where these crops are approved to be grown  
Product Comment
Select® Xtra (360 g/L Clethodim)  Physically compatible.
Factor® (250 g/kg Butroxydim)  Physically compatible.
Verdict® (520 g/L Haloxyfop)  Physically compatible.
Rifle® (440 g/L Pendometholin)  Physically compatible. 
Roundup Ready® PL Herbicide with PLANTSHIELD® (540 g/L glyphosate)  Physically compatible.
Shogun® (100 g/L Propaquizafop)  Physically compatible.
Dual Gold® (960 g/L S-Metolachlor)  Physically compatible.
Pix® (50 g/L Mepiquat)  Physically compatible.
RX-380TM (380 g/L Mepiquat chloride)  Physically compatible. 
Admiral® (100 g/L Pyriproxyfen)  Physically compatible.
Altacor® (350 g/kg Chlorantraniliprole)  Physically compatible.
Aphidex® 800 (800 g/kg Pirimicarb)  Physically compatible.
Applaud® (440 g/L Buprofezin)  Physically compatible.
Exirel® (100 g/L Cyantraniliprole)  Physically compatible.
Mainman® (500 g/kg Flonicamid)  Physically compatible
Movento® (240 g/L Spirotetramat)  Physically compatible. 
Pegasus® (Diafenthiuron)  Physically compatible.
Regent® (200 g/L Fipronil)  Physically compatible.
Sero-X® (400 g/L Clitoria ternatea extract)  Physically compatible.
Sheild® (200 g/L Clothiandin)  Physically compatible.
Skope® (218 g/L Acetamiprid + 32.5 g/L Emamectin)  Physically compatible.
Starkle® (200 g/kg Dinotefuran)  Physically compatible.
Talstar® (250 g/L Bifenthrin)  Physically compatible.
Transform® (240 g/L Sulfoxaflor)  Physically compatible.
Transform® WG (500 g/kg Sulfoxaflor)  Physically compatible.
Wizard® 18 (18 g/L Abamectin)  Physically compatible.
Zeal® (110 g/L Etoxazole)  Physically compatible.
Banjo® (725 g/L Methyl esters of canola oil fatty acids)  Physically compatible.
Canopy® oil (792 g/L paraffinic oil)  Physically compatible.
Hasten® (704 g/L Ethyl and Methyl Esters of Canola Oil Fatty Acids With 196 g/L Non-ionic Surfactants)  Physically compatible.
Kwickin® (704 g/L Ethyl and Methyl Esters of Canola Oil Fatty Acids With 196 g/L Non-ionic Surfactants)  Physically compatible.
bnSupercharge® elite (471 g/L paraffin oil)  Physically compatible.

XtendiMax 2 Herbicide Product Label

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  • Label

XtendiMax 2 Herbicide Product Label

XtendiMax 2 Herbicide with VapourGrip Technology SDS

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  • SDS

XtendiMax 2 Herbicide with VapourGrip Technology SDS

Record-keeping requirements

As a condition of the XtendiMax 2 Herbicide with VapourGrip Technology registration, Bayer is required to collect the following application information from users of XtendiMax 2 Herbicide with VapourGrip Technology in XtendFlex cotton:

  • Date of application.
  • Farm address where spray application occurred.
  • Rate of application.
  • Total amount of product applied.
  • Air temperature at the start and end of application.

Xtendflex Cotton Survey

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