Roundup UltraMAX
Roundup UltraMAX

Roundup Ultra®MAX Herbicide

The 570g/L high-load glyphosate formulation of Roundup Ultra® MAX provides you with knockdown control of tough weeds. Roundup Ultra MAX is made to the highest quality, ISO certified standards. This high load, low viscosity and low foam formulation allows faster fill rates and reduced spray times.

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Product Type
Active Ingredient
Glyphosate 570 g/L
Formulation Type
Soluble concentrate
Pack Size
20 L
110 L
1000 L
Chemical Group
Use in conservation tillage, pre-harvest and post-harvest uses.
See label for more information.  
Trade name Active Ingredient(s)
Amine 625 625 g/L 2,4-D (present as dimethylamine and diethanolamine salts)
Nufarm Amicide® Advance 700 Selective Herbicide 700 g/L 2,4-D present as the dimethylamine and monomethylamine salts
Statesman® 720 Herbicide 720 g/L 2,4-D present as the dimethylethanolamine salt and the dimethylamine salt
Nufarm Estercide® 800 800 g/L 2,4-D present as the ethyl ester
Hotshot® 10 g/L aminopyralid present as triisopropanolamine salt + 140 g/L fluroxypyr present as methylheptyl ester
Atrazine 900 900 g/kg atrazine
Logran® B Power (ensure fully dispersed prior to addition of Roundup Ultra® MAX) 200 g/kg butafenacil + 520 g/kg triasulfuron
Hammer® 400 EC Herbicide 240 g/L carfentrazone-ethyl
Archer® 750 750 g/kg clopyralid
Nufarm Kamba® 500 (dicamba) 500 g/L dicamba present as the dimethylamine salt
Starane® Advanced 333g/L fluroxypyr present as the meptyl ester
Comet® 400 400 g/L fluroxypyr present as the methylheptyl ester
Flame® 240 g/L imazapic present as the ammonium salt
Polo 570 LVE 570 g/L MCPA as the iso-octyl ester
Eclipse® 100 g/L metosulam
Associate® 600 g/kg metsulfuron methyl
Yield® 125 g/L oryzalin + 125 g/L trifluralin
Surflan® 500 SC 500 g/L oryzalin  
Striker 240 g/kg oxyfluorfen
GoalTender® 480 g/L oxyflurofen
Stomp®  330 g/L pendimethalin
Rifle® 440 440 g/L pendimethalin
Stomp Xtra® 455 g/L pendimethalin
Rustler® 900 WG Herbicide 900 g/kg propyzamide
Boxer Gold® Herbicide 800 g/L prosulfocarb + 120 g/L S-metolachlor  
Sakura® 850WG 850 g/kg pyroxasulfone
Sakura® FLow 480 g/L pyroxasulfone
Sharpen® WG Herbicide 700 g/kg saflufenacil
Registered brands simazine flowable or granular
Monza® 750 g/kg sulfosulfuron 
Mako® 750 g/kg sulfometuron-methyl
Avadex® Xtra 500 g/L triallate
Logran 750WG 750 g/kg triasulfuron 
Grando® 600 600 g/L triclopyr (present as the butoxyethyl ester)
Garlon® 600 600 g/L triclopyr present as the butoxyethyl ester
TriflurX® 480 g/L trifluralin
Triflur® 600 600 g/L trifluralin  
Astound® Duo 100 g/L alpha-cypermethrin
Talstar® 250 EC 500 g/L chlorpyrifos
Lorsban® 500 500 g/L chlorpyrifos
Nufarm Dimethoate 400 g/L dimethoate
Sumitomo Sumithion® ULV 1.23 kg/L fenitrothion
Karate Zeon® 250 g/L lambda-cyhalothrin
Imidan* 150 g/L phosmet
Other insecticides have not been tested.
Roundup UltraMAX may be tank mixed with the herbicides, insecticides and adjuvants mentioned in this guide. Read and follow all label directions, restraints, plantback and withholding periods, and safety directions for the tank mix products. When mixing Roundup UltraMAX with multiple tank mix partners a minimum water volume of 50 L/ha is recommended and local advice should be sought. Do not allow neat tank mix partners to come into contact with each other. Always flush pump lines and mixing chambers with water between products.   
Registered brands 980 g/kg crystalline ammonium sulphate
Wetter TX 1040 g/L octyl phenol ethoxylate
Pulse® 1020 g/L polyether modified polysiloxane
Brushwet organosilicone surfactant 1020 g/L polyether modified polysiloxane
Nufarm LI700® Surfactant 350 g/L soyal phospholipids+ 350 g/L propionic acid

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Roundup UltraMAX Tech Guide

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Roundup UltraMAX SDS

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Roundup UltraMAX Product Label


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Performance you can rely on

The high-load 570 g/L glyphosate formulation of Roundup Ultra MAX provides you with excellent knockdown control of tough weeds.

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