Prosper® 500 EC Fungicide

Prosper is a highly efficient and cost-effective treatment to establish early-season powdery mildew control. Prosper is best used for disease prevention, and is one of the few fungicides used on powdery mildew that can reduce very low level new infections on the green foliage. When applied to vineyards, 30% of the active ingredient is taken up into the vine within 10 minutes, with the remainder being almost completely taken up within 3 hours.

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Product Type
Active Ingredient
Spiroxamine 500 g/L
Formulation Type
Emulsifiable concentrate
Pack Size
10 L
Chemical Group
Application Usage Notes
Grapes Powdery mildew Registered in NT, Qld, NSW, Vic, SA, Tas, WA, ACT.

Prosper Users' Guide for vineyards

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Prosper 500 EC SDS

Prosper 500 EC Product Label

Question Answer
1 What conditions favour powdery mildew? Powdery mildew is a dry weather disease although 2.5 mm of rainfall is necessary to release spores from chasmothecia. Mild, humid, overcast conditions are optimum for the disease to spread and the micro-climate within dense canopies is usually ideal even during a hot summer.
2 What are flag shoots? Powdery mildew can overwinter in the buds in some instances. When these buds burst in spring the young shoots can be covered in mildew infection at an early stage. These shoots are called flag shoots. The presence of flag shoots is an indication that powdery mildew may be a severe problem later in the season, particularly if favourable weather occurs.
3 How important is effective coverage? Getting adequate chemical into the vine at an early stage is crucial for good control. Although it may appear that coverage is adequate on vines when spraying alternate rows, the missed leaf area is essentially unprotected and allows powdery mildew to establish at an early stage. If conditions are favourable this can result in an epidemic later in the season.
4 When is the best time to use Prosper?  Commence spraying Prosper when shoots are 10-20 cm followed by a second spray 14 to 21 days later, then follow with two sprays of Flint® fungicide during the critical flowering period. 
5 How much Prosper do I use?  The rate of Prosper 500 EC is 60 mL/100 L of water. The suggested minimum water volume for dilute spraying is 250 L/ha and Prosper should not be used in concentrate spraying requiring rates greater than 180 mL/100 L (3X). With a dilute application rate of 500 L/ha, the new 2.5 L pack would be sufficient to cover 4 ha twice. 
6 Is Prosper systemic?  Yes, Prosper is systemic (mobile in the xylem) and rapidly penetrates the leaf tissue with a third of the active ingredient penetrating within 10 minutes and nearly 100% penetration within 3 hours. The active ingredient also has an even distribution within the plant and does not accumulate in the leaf tips. 
7 Is Prosper rain-fast?  Yes, due to its rapid penetration and uptake within plant tissue, Prosper is locked into the plant and is rainfast within 1 hour. 
8 Do I need a wetter?  No, the 500 EC (emulsifiable concentrate) formulation of Prosper wets the plant surface very well so no additional wetting agent is required. 
9 Why is Prosper important for resistance management?  Prosper is in fungicide Group 5 and contains the unique active ingredient spiroxamine. It has a different mode of action from the commonly used Group C or DMI fungicides. 

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