Momiji herbicide branding
Momiji herbicide branding

Momiji WG Herbicide

Momiji is a Group 15 (K) herbicide which provides pre-emergent control of annual ryegrass and other key weeds in wheat (except durum wheat), triticale, chickpeas, field peas and lupins. It provides extended residual control of annual ryegrass, barley grass, annual phalaris, silver grass and toad rush and is also registered for the suppression of brome grass (Bromus diandrus only) and wild oats. 

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Product Type
Active Ingredient
Pyroxasulfone 850 g/kg
Formulation Type
Water dispersable granule (WG)
Chemical Group
Application Usage
Chickpeas Annual phalaris
Chickpeas Annual ryegrass
Chickpeas Barley grass
Chickpeas Brome grass
Chickpeas Silver grass
Chickpeas Toad rush
Chickpeas Wild oats
Field peas Annual phalaris
Field peas Annual ryegrass
Field peas Barley grass
Field peas Brome grass
Field peas Silver grass
Field peas Toad rush
Field peas Wild oats
Lentils Annual phalaris
Lentils Annual ryegrass
Lentils Barley grass
Lentils Brome grass
Lentils Silver grass
Lentils Toad rush
Lentils Wild oats
Lupins Annual phalaris
Lupins Annual ryegrass
Lupins Barley grass
Lupins Brome grass
Lupins Silver grass
Lupins Toad rush
Lupins Wild oats
Triticale Annual phalaris
Triticale Annual ryegrass
Triticale Barley grass
Triticale Brome grass
Triticale Silver grass
Triticale Toad rush
Triticale Wild oats
Wheat (not durum wheat) Annual phalaris
Wheat (not durum wheat) Annual ryegrass
Wheat (not durum wheat) Barley grass
Wheat (not durum wheat) Brome grass
Wheat (not durum wheat) Silver grass
Wheat (not durum wheat) Toad rush
Wheat (not durum wheat) Wild oats
For application prior to planting wheat or triticale
Cadence® WG
Diuron 900 WG
Dual Gold
2, 4-D ester 680
glyphosate (Glyphosate CT, Roundup UltraMax®)
Goal® EC
Gramoxone® 250
Trifluralin 480® and TriflureX® alpha-cypermethrin (e.g., 100 g/L EC formulation) and Le-mat®
Mixtures of glyphosate (glyphosate (GLyphosate CT, Roundup UltraMax®) with any of the following herbicides;
Ally, Cadence WG, 2, 4-D ester 680, Goal EC, Hammer, Monza and Striker.

For application prior to planting chickpeas, field peas, lentils or lupins

Knockdown herbicides, some “spike” herbicides and insecticides shown to be compatible with MOMIJI 850 WG prior to planting cereals, should also be suitable prior to planting chickpeas, field peas, lentils or lupins e.g., glyphosate (Glyphosate CT, Roundup UltraMax), Goal EC, Gramoxone 250, Hammer, Spray.Seed, alpha-cypermethrin (e.g., 100 g/L EC formulation) and Lemat. Note that plant back restrictions may render some herbicides unsuitable for mixing with MOMIJI 850 WG where legume crops are to be planted.

Trifluralin 480 EC
Simazine 900 WG
Trifluralin 480 + Simazine
Terbyne® 750 WG
Field peas:
Trifuluralin 480 EC
Stomp® 440 EC
Bladex® 900 WG
Terbyne 750 WG
Stomp 440 EC
Terbyne 750 WG
Trifluralin 480 EC
Simazine 900 WG
Trifluralin + Simazine
Simazine + Atrazine 900 WG
Stomp 440 EC
Terbyne 750 WG

Momiji Product SDS

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Momiji Product SDS

Momiji Product Label

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Momiji Product Label

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