Bayer Infinito Fungicide
Bayer Infinito Fungicide

Infinito® Fungicide

Infinito works fast and lasts longer, providing excellent protection against downy mildew across a range of crops, plus white blister in brassica vegetables and late blight in potatoes. Containing two modes of action for foliar application, INFINITO is also an ideal resistance management alternative for growers

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Product Type
Active Ingredient
Fluopicolide 62.5 g/L
Propamocarb 625 g/L
Formulation Type
Suspension concentrate (SC)
Pack Size
3 L
10 L
Chemical Group
Application Usage Notes
Bulb vegetables Downy mildew Registered in all states
Cucurbits (field and protected cropping systems) Downy mildew Registered in all states
Lettuce - leaf and head (field and protected cropping systems)  Downy mildew  Registered in all states 
Poppies  Downy mildew  Registered in all states 
Leafy vegetables - including brassica leafy vegetables
Downy mildew
Registered in all states
Brassica vegetables Downy mildew Registered in all states
Brassica vegetables White blister Registered in all states
Potatoes Late blight
Registered in all states

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Infinito Fungicide Crop Guide - Potatoes

Infinito Fungicide Crop Guide Brassicas

Infinito Fungicide Crop Guide - Leafy Vegetables

Infinito Fungicide Product Label

Infinito Fungicide SDS

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INFINITO has two active ingredients that work together to deliver the ultimate protection against downy mildew
INFINITO has upward systemic movement in the plant, with strong translaminar and anti-sporulant activity.

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Using the right fungicide is a critical decision along the northwest coast of Tasmania, because wet weather that can sweep through the area creates ideal disease conditions, particularly in spring. 
Efficiency is key for a large vegetable growing operation like Premium Fresh, that is producing a range of crops across the north of Tasmania.
Western Australian broccoli grower Brad Ipsen knows only too well the dangers of rainfall, high levels of cloud cover and humidity and, hence, the need for a good spray management program to safeguard his crops.
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INFINITO fungicide brings new level of disease control to Granite Belt

Keeping disease pressure under control has been a cornerstone of high-quality vegetable production for the Taylor family for 75 years.
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INFINITO: The pick of the crop

“Using INFINITO as part of a disease management program to ensure we don’t crop with severe downy mildew outbreaks is going to be very advantageous for us.” Watch this testimonial from Swan Reach onion grower Peter Detloff regarding the benefits of INFINITO.
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