Good for Australia

Supporting a strong and prosperous future for Australia's agriculture industry

Bayer has supported Australian agriculture since 1925, improving farming practices through the adoption of minimum tillage and efficient water use, enhancing crop and food security and helping to solve farming problems. We’ve helped deliver improved pest, weed and disease control, increased yields, produced higher quality crops and produce, and higher returns on investment.


Our work with farmers and the industry continues, as we collectively strive to achieve the industry’s shared vision of becoming a $100 billion industry by 2030. As a leader in Australian agriculture, Bayer understands that we have a heightened responsibility, not only to Australia’s farmers, but to our industry, consumers and the environment.


We need to continually raise the bar when it comes to transparency, sustainability and engagement. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in our interactions with farmers, policy makers, media, NGOs and consumers.


We’ll always deliver the best solutions to farmers and customers, growing productivity while protecting Australia’s precious natural resources. Be it broadacre, row crop or horticulture, Bayer will remain at the forefront of modern sustainable agriculture, developing the new products, gene and digital technologies farmers need.


We’ll do this together within Australia’s R&D ecosystem, continuing to invest in our partnerships with GRDC, CSIRO and other researchers in order to protect and build on the environmental, productivity and economic gains achieved over recent decades.


Across rural Australia, our dedicated sales, research and extension team will continue to support a strong and prosperous future for Australia’s agriculture industry.