Purchasing seed containing the TruFlex or Roundup Ready canola trait

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Farmers can find their nearest Roundup Ready® and TruFlex® canola delivery site using the map above. We recommend farmers call their local delivery site to confirm availability. There are a number of ex-farm options available in NSW and VIC.

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Farmers are required to declare all TruFlex canola and Roundup Ready canola loads as per the following standards.

CS01 (canola)

  • GrainCorp and CBH code CAG1.
    • Includes all canola, conventional and herbicide-tolerant canola, including TruFlex canola and Roundup Ready canola.

CS01-A (non-GM canola).

  • GrainCorp and CBH code CAN1.
    • The same quality and trade parameters as CS01 (CAG1) canola with the additional requirement for an adventitious presence of OGTR approved events at 0.9% or below.

Mixed loads must be treated as GM canola (CS01/CAG1)


TruFlex canola and Roundup Ready canola need to be delivered and marketed as CS01, identifying GM status. The variety must also be specified. For specific site requirements or procedures, please contact your local grain receival site. Please note that mixed loads must be treated as GM. It is your responsibility as a farmer to contact your local grain handlers prior to planting to confirm your nearest delivery site.