Barley grass

Hordeum leporinum
Although not a major winter cropping weed in all areas, barley grass is prevalent in some areas with higher winter rainfall. A combination of its potential for rapid germination and developed resistance to Group A and B herbicides can make barley grass difficult to control.
Bayer default weed


Barley grass leaves tend to be a paler green than other common annual grass weeds. They have a sparse covering of soft hairs and taper to a point.

Small barley grass seedlings can be identified by remnants of the seed that remain attached to the root system.


With emerging resistance issues and relatively few products registered for use against barley grass, its control should be part of a broader integrated weed management program.

Barley grass usually occurs in areas that also require annual ryegrass control, so Sakura – which is highly effective against both weeds – has quickly become a key product in the pre-emergent rotation to prevent their rapid germination.

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