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For those who
love the land

Bayer Biologics, soil health & giving back to the land

21st century agriculture is a sophisticated biological production system to supply the food and fibre needs of a growing human population. With increasing demands on the land to produce more from less, a deeper understanding of the complexity of micro-biological systems in soils has evolved.

For those who love the land

For 85 years we’ve shared your passion and pride in the land. And today, like you, we recognise the future of Australia’s agricultural industry depends on both the wellbeing of the whole rural community, and the transition to truly sustainable farming practices; we know we must work with nature to bring out its very best.

At the same time, we also recognise the ever-growing and ever-changing challenges you face as a business. And that’s why we’re introducing Bayer Biologics, an entirely new category of crop management, derived from natural materials such as plants, fungi, and minerals, or in the case of Bayer’s new Serenade® Prime, beneficial bacteria.

And after two years of extensive, rigorous trials across the country, the benefits are clear; exceptional crops and a better life for all.

Bayer Biologics