Bollgard 3
Bollgard 3

Bollgard® 3 with Roundup Ready Flex® cotton

Bollgard® 3 stacked with Roundup Ready Flex® provides cotton growers with insect control and and weed control options to enable superior yields, through the use of biotechnology. 

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Product Type
Biotechnology Traits

Key Features

Three modes of action

Each of the three proteins in Bollgard 3 – Cry1Ac, Cry2Ab and Vip3A – has a different mode of action or ‘kill’ the larvae in a different way. This allows growers to effectively control H. armigera and H. punctigera throughout the cotton season. 

Reduced need for broad spectrum sprays

Bollgard 3 significantly reduces the need for the application of broad-spectrum insecticides, giving other insects, including beneficial species, the chance to develop.

Flexible weed control

Roundup Ready Flex herbicide tolerance technology provides growers with superior in-crop weed control options, enabling higher yields and cleaner fields. 

Application Notes
Cotton Approved under DIR066 and DIR124 for use in Australia

Bollgard 3 Resistance Management plan (RMP)

Roundup Ready Flex Cotton Weed Resistance Management Plan

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