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Blue Shield brandtag

Blue Shield® DF Copper Fungicide

Blue Shield is a well-established copper hydroxide fungicide for the protection of dozens of fruit, nut and vegetable crops against many different fungal infections. Just as a few examples, Blue Shield protects against black rot, peppery leaf spot, ring spot and downy mildew in brassicas; black spot in apples, pears and citrus fruit; and anthracnose and bacterial black spot in mangoes.

Product Type
Active Ingredient
Copper present as hydroxide 500 g/kg
Formulation Type
Water dispersable granule (WG)
Pack Size
10 Kg
Chemical Group

Crop Suitability

Application (crop) Usage (problem) Notes
Brassicas Black rot, peppery leaf spot, ring spot, downy mildew All states
Beans Common blight, bacterial brown spot, halo blight All states
Faba Beans Rust, chocolate spot All states
Capsicums  Bacterial spot, bacterial canker  All states 
Carrots  Leaf spot  All states 
Celery  Leaf spot, bacterial soft rot  All states 
Cucurbits  Angular leaf spot, bacterial leaf spot  All states 
Lettuce  Downy mildew, bacterial leaf spot, anthracnose  All states 
Onions  Downy mildew  All states 
Parsnips  Leaf spots  VIC, SA, WA only 
Peas  Ascochyta blight, bacterial blight  All states 
Potatoes  Target spot (early blight), Irish blight (late blight)  All states 
Red Beet  Downy mildew, rust  All states 
Rhubarb  Crown rot, downy mildew  All states 
Silver beet  Downy mildew  All states 
Spinach  Downy mildew  All states 
Tomatoes  Target spot (early blight), septoria leaf spot, bacterial spot, bacterial speck, bacterial canker, Irish blight (late blight) All states 

Blue Shield Copper Fungicide Product Label

Blue Shield Copper Fungicide SDS

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