Bayer Hussar® OD Selective Herbicide
Bayer Hussar® OD Selective Herbicide

Hussar® OD Selective Herbicide

Grass weed control with convenient broadleaf back-up. Hussar is a particularly convenient and cost-effective OnePass™ post-emergent herbicide, registered for use on a unique combination of key grass and broadleaf weeds. As well controlling annual ryegrass, wild oats and annual phalaris, Hussar is active against 21 broadleaf weeds in wheat. The ‘OD’ formulation uses ODesi® technology to improve spray retention and foliar uptake, so you get more value from every application

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Product Type
Active Ingredient
Iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium 100 g/L
Formulation Type
Oil dispersion
Pack Size
3 L
Chemical Group

Hussar OD Selective Herbicide Product Guide

The only genuine OnePass grass & broadleaf weed herbicide

Hussar OD Compatabilities

Hussar OD Plantback Guide

Planning your rotational crop options is more dependent on the total rainfall you receive between application and sowing than the length of the interval.

Hussar OD Selective SDS

Hussar OD Selective Herbicide Product Label

Question Answer
1 Can I use Hussar OD for grass weed control in barley? Yes. Hussar OD is registered for use in barley but only for the control of annual ryegrass, wild oats and annual phalaris. However, Hussar OD can only be legally used in barley where no other weed control option is viable and if the likelihood of severe crop damage is accepted. The use of Hussar OD in barley has stricter application guidelines than in wheat, so please consult your accredited Crop Centre agronomist or Bayer CropScience representative before spraying the product in barley.Hussar OD is not registered for control of broadleaf weeds in barley.
2 Which broadleaf weeds are controlled by Hussar OD in wheat? Hussar OD will control or suppress 21 broadleaf weeds in wheat. Hussar OD will control charlock, turnip weed, wild radish, Indian hedge mustard, wireweed, doublegee (spiny emex), Paterson's curse, fumitory, shepherd's purse, deadnettle, clover, lupin, medic when applied as directed. Hussar OD will provide suppression of toadrush, black bindweed, bedstraw, volunteer peas, sheepweed, sowthistle, stonecrop and tares. Please contact Bayer CropScience for information on other broadleaf weeds.
3 Which surfactant/wetting agent should I use when applying Hussar OD? Hussar OD works best with the addition of BS1000 at 0.25% v/v even when tank mixing with other products. For information about the suitability of other non-ionic wetting agents or oil based adjuvants, please contact Bayer CropScience.
4 At what growth stage of the crop is the use of Hussar OD recommended? For best results, wheat should be between the 3 leaf stage (Z13 growth stage), and the 5 tiller stage (Z25 growth stage) when applying Hussar OD.
5 Which other herbicides can I tank-mix with Hussar OD Herbicide? As a OnePass product, Hussar OD covers a very broad spectrum of weeds on its own, however tank-mixing (for wheat only) with Lontrel®, Starane®, Velocity®, Hotshot® and MCPA LVE can produce even better results on some weeds without compromising efficacy on any other weeds or creating adverse crop effects. For more information on mix rates, please refer to the Hussar OD product guide.
6 Which fungicides can I tank-mix with Hussar OD Herbicide? Hussar OD is physically compatible with Folicur® and both physically compatible and field tested for crop safety with Prosaro®. In wheat, Hussar OD is compatible with Triadimenol 125 EC. For more information on mix rates, please refer to the Hussar OD product guide and product label.
7 Which insecticides can I tank-mix with Hussar OD Herbicide? Hussar OD is physically compatible with Le-mat® and dimethoate-based formulations. For more information on mix rates, please refer to the Hussar OD product guide and product label.
8 What is special about the Bayer CropScience's ODesi® (OD) formulation? The ODesi® formulation technology provides better retention, better spreading and better uptake of the product when applied to weeds. ODesi makes use of a completely different surfactant system to achieve a significant improvement in retention of the active ingredients. Droplets of spray solution involving ODesi formulations actively change their shape on the leaf surface to become flat and nestle onto the surface, improving the spread of the spray on grasses and dicots. Improved retention and spread means improved coverage. Furthermore, ODesi formulations imitate plant substances, disguising the active ingredient and “smuggling” it in. Weeds are outmanoeuvred and rapidly and reliably transport the active ingredient to the inside of the leaf for better foliar uptake.
9 What are the minimum recropping intervals applying to crops following Hussar OD application? A list of the minimum recropping intervals for selected crops is provided in the product label. For advice on crops not listed, please contact Bayer CropScience.

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