Sakura Flow
Sakura Flow

Sakura Flow Herbicide

Sakura Flow is a convenient 480 SC liquid formulation that offers the same infield performance as Sakura 850 WG for pre-emergent control of key weeds including annual ryegrass, barley grass, annual phalaris, silver grass and toad rush in wheat (except durum wheat), triticale, chickpeas, field peas and lupins. It also provides suppression of brome grass (Bromus diandrus only) and wild (black) oats. The convenient liquid formulation is easy to measure and mix helping to save time filling the spray tank.

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Product Type
Pack Size
20 L
Application Usage Notes
Chickpeas Annual phalaris
Chickpeas Annual ryegrass
Chickpeas Barley grass
Chickpeas Brome grass  
Chickpeas Silver grass  
Chickpeas Toad rush  
Chickpeas Wild oats  
Field peas Annual phalaris  
Field peas Annual ryegrass  
Field peas Barley grass  
Field peas Brome grass  
Field peas Silver grass  
Field peas Toad rush  
Field peas Wild oats  
Lentils Annual phalaris  
Lentils Annual ryegrass  
Lentils Barley grass  
Lentils Brome grass  
Lentils Silver grass  
Lentils Toad rush  
Lentils Wild oats  
Lupins Annual phalaris  
Lupins Annual ryegrass  
Lupins Barley grass  
Lupins Brome grass  
Lupins Silver grass  
Lupins Toad rush  
Lupins Wild oats  
Triticale Annual phalaris  
Triticale Annual ryegrass  
Triticale Barley grass  
Triticale Brome grass  
Triticale Silver grass  
Triticale Toad rush  
Triticale Wild oats  
Wheat (not durum wheat) Annual phalaris  
Wheat (not durum wheat) Annual ryegrass  
Wheat (not durum wheat) Barley grass  
Wheat (not durum wheat) Brome grass  
Wheat (not durum wheat) Silver grass  
Wheat (not durum wheat) Toad rush  
Wheat (not durum wheat) Wild oats  

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Sakura Flow Label

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