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Alternative for broadleaf
weed control in rice

Taipan® Herbicide

Taipan, the grower's alternative for broadleaf weed control in rice with excellent crop safety. Taipan is a Group H herbicide that offers rice growers an alternative mode of action to control broadleaf weeds that have Group B herbicide resistance. It's a unique option for early weed control, with a comprehensive weed spectrum. For optimal efficacy on target weeds, Taipan must be applied early i.e.: within 10 days of commencement of flooding. This early application window makes it possible to control weeds when they are young and before they start competing with rice seedlings. The excellent selectivity of Taipan to germinating or very young rice plants means there is no need to wait for rice crops to reach a certain stage of growth to minimise crop effects.

Product Type
Active Ingredient
Benzofenap 300 g/L
Formulation Type
Suspension concentrate
Pack Size
20 L
Chemical Group

Key Features

Offers an alternative management tool for Group B resistant weed populations.

Early application with flexible application options.

Opportunity for one-pass weed control in mixtures with molinate.

Early weed control, unrelated to crop stage, to get rice crops off to a flying start.

Crop Suitability

Application Usage Notes
Rice Starfruit registered in Qld, NSW, Vic
Rice Water plantain registered in Qld, NSW, Vic
Rice Water plantain (Alisma) registered in Qld, NSW, Vic
Rice Arrowhead registered in Qld, NSW, Vic
Rice Dirty Dora registered in Qld, NSW, Vic


Taipan Herbicide SDS

Taipan Herbicide Product Label

Taipan brochure

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