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Velocity® Selective Herbicide

Velocity controls post emergent weeds in wheat, barley, tritcale and rye cereal crops. This includes those weed populations resistant to group F,B, and I herbicides. It has excellent compatibility with post emergent grass herbicides and will control more than 28 weeds without the addition of other herbicides. Velocity also contains a crop safener that enables you to apply it earlier than many other post-emergent herbicides. Velocity works very quickly, which means the weeds are no longer competing with the crop for nutrients and moisture. The high level of crop safety provided by Velocity means that, in addition to being able to be applied to a young crop, it also does not slow the growth of the crop and produce a yield drag effect that is seen from some other products. Trials show that crops treated with Velocity as the first post-emergent spray consistently produce higher yields (and a better return on investment) than crops sprayed with a whole range of other products.

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