Bayer Alsystin® 480 SC Larvicide
Bayer Alsystin® 480 SC Larvicide

Alsystin® 480 SC Larvicide

Alsystin 480 SC Larvicide is an insect growth regulator registered for the control of sciarid flies in mushrooms. Alsystin controls the larvae of sciarid flies rapidly and effectively with a high level of safety for both the user and the mushroom crop when it is used as directed. Alsystin is mixed with water and incorporated into compost or peat moss used as casing material so it is ingested by the sciarid fly larvae when they feed on those materials. Adult sciarid flies are not affected by Alsystin. There is, however, some indication that adult females that have ingested Alsystin produce eggs that fail to hatch.

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Product Type
Active Ingredient
Triflumuron 480 g/L
Formulation Type
Suspension concentrate
Pack Size
1 L
Chemical Group
Application (crop) Usage (problem)
Mushrooms Sciarid flies

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