Sivanto Prime
Sivanto Prime

Sivanto® Prime

SIVANTO prime is an innovative insecticide which has been developed worldwide in a wide variety of fruit and vegetable crops.  With over a decade of field research in Australia, it has shown excellent performance on a wide spectrum of damaging sucking pests including fruit spotting bugs, banana spotting bugs, lace bugs, aphids, whiteflies and planthoppers and for the suppression of scirtothrips. It acts fast and selectively; meeting the needs of a beneficial species safe insecticide*. 

*Detrimental to predatory bugs and leafcutter bees.

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Product Type
Active Ingredient
Flupyradifurone 200 g/L
Formulation Type
Soluble concentrate
Pack Size
10 L
Crop   Pest
Vegetables Cucurbits, eggplants, peppers (capsicums, & chillies), tomatoes Silverleaf whitefly
(includes protected cropping production systems)
Greenhouse whitefly

Green peach aphid
  Cotton aphid
Vegetables Potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans Silverleaf whitefly
    Green peach aphid
Fruit Avocados, mangoes, papaya Fruit spotting bug
    Banana spotting bug
    Mango planthopper
    Green planthopper

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New chemistry to control key vegetable pests

Find out from Chris Monsour (Prospect Agriculture) how effective SIVANTO prime was in controlling silverleaf whitefly in tomatoes and melons in north Queensland trial work, and why new chemistry is so important for the industry from Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Senior Entomologist Dr Siva Subramanium.

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