Vayego® 200 SC Insecticide

Vayego is a powerful, innovative insecticide that provides quick antifeedant and residual activity on all life stages from egg to adult on a broad spectrum of pests. The quick feeding cessation minimises potential fruit damage in pome fruit, stone fruit and almond crops, plus a good IPM profile means Vayego is an ideal solution in effective crop protection programs. Vayego has proven efficacy on key pests such as codling moth, light brown apple moth, oriental fruit moth, carpophilus beetle, garden weevil, Fuller’s rose weevil and apple weevil.

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Product Type
Active Ingredient
Tetraniliprole 200 g/L
Formulation Type
Suspension concentrate
Pack Size
1 L
5 L
Chemical Group
Crop Pest
Almonds Carpophilus beetle
Macadamias Macadamia seed weevil
Pome fruit Codling moth
Pome fruit Light brown apple moth
Pome fruit Garden weevil
Pome fruit Fuller's rose weevil
Pome fruit Apple weevil
Stone fruit Oriental fruit moth
Stone fruit Carpophilus beetle
Stone fruit Garden weevil
Stone fruit Fuller's rose weevil
Stone fruit Apple weevil
Stone fruit Mediterranean fruit fly
All products below were crop safe. Vayego applied at 12.5 mL/100L (label rate)
Almonds # Trials Varieties Tested: Non-Pareil
Agral 1
Agridex 1
Luna Sensation + Agral 1
Custodia + Agral 1  
Elect 500 + Agral 1  
Dithane Rainshield + Agral 1  
Bumper 625 EC + Agral 1  
Luna Experience 3  

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Vayego 200 SC Label

Vayego 200 SC SDS

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Control of codling moth in the southern Queensland apple growing region of Stanthorpe is important for local growers, given how damaging the pest can be.
A new tool for pome fruit, stone fruit, almond and macadamia growers to control key pests such as codling moth, carpophilus beetle, apple weevil and Mediterranean fruit fly.

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