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Versatile Non-Ionic

Agridex® Non-Ionic Surfactant

Agridex is a versatile non-ionic surfactant that enhances the effectiveness of range of other products. Agridex assists with the penetration of Belt® and Movento® directly through leaf epidermis into the middle of leaf tissue. Agridex assists Movento to move into plant sap flow, and assists with the translaminar activity of Belt, which is important when eggs are laid on lower leaf surfaces. Agridex also improves rainfastness.

Product Type
Active Ingredient
Paraffinic petroleum oil 715 g/L
Polyol fatty acid esters/emulsifier 139 g/L
Formulation Type
Emulsifiable concentrate
Pack Size
10 L
20 L


Product Comment
Folicur 430SC Fungicide For use in peanuts and brassica vegetables
Folicur 430SC + Nitrozinc For use in peanuts and brassica vegetables
Folicur 430SC + Zinc Sulphate For use in peanuts and brassica vegetables
Bayfidan 250 EC Fungicide  For use in peanuts and brassica vegetables 

Agridex Non-Ionic Surfactant SDS

Agridex Non-Ionic Surfactant Product Label

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