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Seeing a truckload of chemistry heading out the gate to ‘fix a problem’ still gives David Clark a buzz after 31 years. As Head of Product Supply for Bayer Crop Science, Mr Clark oversees a supply chain which includes two Bayer formulation plants in Australia; one in Perth, and one in Brisbane where he is based.
In seasons where he receives above average rainfall on his southern Riverina property, Allan Clarke knows he has to keep a close eye on the diseases in his crops.
Chickpeas are emerging as a profitable pulse crop throughout South Australia’s Mid North, but a local agronomist in the region has cautioned that successful production by growers requires attention to detail and a sound fungicide strategy.
Australian farm consultants and advisors who recently attended Bayer Crop Science’s Innovation Roadshow were given the opportunity to learn from two of the world’s leading fungicide resistance experts.
From the Reel Screamers of Katanning to the Delta Hombres of Wagga and the Codfathers of Koolunga, teams of rural stores and growers across the country have enthusiastically embraced the Big Fish Challenge in support of the mental wellbeing of men in agriculture.
A demonstration trial of a new cereal foliar fungicide has shown improved final grain yield compared with other standard treatments.
After a challenging start to the season in the eastern wheatbelt last year, many growers had to up the ante in weed control to help maximise yields.
Seed graders across the country gave the thumbs up to trial applications last season of the new broad spectrum fungicidal seed treatment, EverGol® Energy, which is expected to be registered in 2018.
The release of new options in a weed control segment always provides opportunity for industry comparison with existing leading standards and this story played out with post-emergent broadleaf weed control in Western Australia’s northern wheatbelt last season.
Collaborative pre-emergent herbicide trials in Western Australia last season continued to reinforce the strong performance of Sakura herbicide for controlling annual ryegrass and, importantly, minimising weed seeds entering the weed seed bank.
The damage to cereal crops from the Russian wheat aphid (RWA) was first described in the early 1900’s in Russia, and over the next 100 years it’s made a global tour through countries including South Africa, Mexico and the United States, ending up most recently being detected in Australia in 2016.
Buoyed by attractive prices and with careful crop disease management, chickpea production in South Australia’sMid North region could double, accordingto Kapunda-based rural agent Richard Noll. 
Rob Purvis is increasingly focusing on risk management within the mixed farming enterprise he manages in South Australia and this is changing his approach to weed management.
Growers challenged by diseases such as rhizoctonia and crown rot may be in for a reprieve, along with a general boost in crop health, if early results with a new seed treatment product near Esperance in Western Australia are anything to go by.
The new triazine-tolerant (TT) hybrid canola variety, InVigor T 4510, is looking the goods at the Rylington Park research property near Boyupbrook in Western Australia.
WA grower explores new weed management options for oat crops, with Precept proving to be a cost effective, new discovery for controlling more mature weeds and higher weed densities.
NSW farmer Chad Cruikshank reveals how tight rotation practices, a Sakura pre-emergent spray program and using Precept on bigger wild radish plants have given him success in fighting resistance and keeping his paddocks clean.
Progressive WA growers discuss their cropping decisions and why they adopt an eastern wheatbelt mentality of sowing wheat early in May and incorporating pre-emergent herbicide Sakura.

Case study

With stand-alone prosulfocarb (800 g/L) pre-emergent chemistry set to enter the broadacre herbicide market for the 2017 season, four small plot trials were conducted across Western Australia this year aimed at comparing the performance of a range of different pre-emergent grass control options, including prosulfocarb.
While the future of precision agriculture is likely to involve robotics and other cutting edge technologies, the big focus will be on data ownership, according to JMAJ Precision Managing Director Adrian Roles.

Case Study

The launch of foliar fungicide, Aviator® Xpro®, by Bayer for the 2017 season is expected to set a new disease control standard in canola and chickpeas, and for other crops in the future.
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