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HortCast Episode 6 is hosted by Craig White - Market Development Agronomist for Bayer Crop Science Australia

Australia. Craig chats with Australia and New Zealand Sales Manager Danielle Buller, and Greg Davies, Field R&D Agronomist about recent industry events, plus new developments, that help Australian growers produce healthy, nutritious and sustainable fresh food.

In this episode

In this episode we cover topics including Bayer Vegetable seeds, the significant offering of Seminis® and De Ruiter®, new innovative vegetables that are easier to harvest, and key outtakes from the recent Lockyer Valley Field Day featuring “Seminis® High Rise broccoli", new spinach varieties and other great vegetables, and Hort Connections, where snacking tomatoes were taste-tested by lucky attendees.

Greg Davies fills us in about the new label extension registration of Luna® Sensation for control of sclerotinia in Lettuce, how it does this, and how it is performing in the field. 

Users of products must read the label attached to the product before use.

Labels and Safety Data Sheets are available at Bayer Crop Science: 

Some products mentioned may still be under development with an application for registration submitted. Such products will not be available for commercial use until APVMA registration approval is granted.

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(NOTE: During the recording of this podcast, Bayer staff are adhering to physical distancing, hygiene and other directives and procedures in relation to COVID-19. Our number one priority is the safety and well-being of our customers, our employees, business partners and the communities in which we live and work. Bayer representatives are currently limiting their travel as per government and company guidelines. The Bayer Crop Science team are still available and keen to discuss agriculture and food production with you anytime. We will be looking at further ways that Bayer staff can continue to connect with the industry during the coming months.)

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