CropCast Episode 12 - listen now

Market Development Agronomists Craig White, Matt Willis and Richard Jackman talk about the current weather conditions, pre-emergent herbicide activity/behaviour with Sakura® and Sakura® Flow and what to expect from them in your area, depending on the rain and soil conditions you currently experience.

In this episode:

The Market Development Agronomy team are establishing a wide range of trials and field sites, alongside growers who are very busy planting crops and undertaking spraying, which of course involves tank mixes. We explain in detail the tank mixing process, to avoid compatibility issues, saving time and distress. A Sakura Tank Mixing Guide is available at and as a Tank Sticker - contact your local Bayer representative for a copy.

Early weeds are the most competitive, so control them early for the most benefit. You can safely use Velocity® in wheat and barley from the 2-leaf crop stage, and Precept® for broad-leaf weed control in Oats, Wheat and Barley from the 3-leaf crop stage.

Lupin crops are establishing well, and along with simazine used pre-emergence, Brodal® Options is an important tool for controlling broad-leaf weeds. These are strong, proven options for weed control.

Chickpea plantings are planned this year and in future CropCast episodes, we will cover Aviator® Xpro® role for managing key diseases in chickpea, cereals, canola and other pulse crops.

And we reveal the “Great Emu War of 1932” – what is that about?

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NOTE: During the recording of this podcast, Bayer staff are adhering to physical distancing, hygiene and other directives and procedures in relation to COVID-19. Our number one priority is the safety and well-being of our customers, our employees, business partners and the communities in which we live and work. Bayer representatives are currently limiting their travel as per government and company guidelines. The Bayer Crop Science team are still available and keen to discuss agriculture and food production with you anytime. We will be looking at further ways that Bayer staff can continue to connect with the industry during the coming months.