Indian hedge mustard

Sisymbrium orientale
Indian hedge mustard is found in the cropping areas of Western Australia, northern and western New South Wales and southern Queensland. Its seeds are included in the ‘small foreign seeds’ fraction of allowable grain contaminants.
Indian Hedge Mustard


Indian hedge mustard grows from a rosette of pointed leaves to a branched plant with a coarse fibrous stem up to one metre tall.

The leaves that form the rosette are deeply lobed. The upper leaves are alternate and spear-shaped.


Good autumn rain encourages early germination. If the Indian hedge mustard has emerged before sowing, a knockdown herbicide will normally be sufficient to achieve control.

If the break comes late, post-emergent herbicides may be required. Older chemistry will probably still be effective against Indian hedge mustard itself, but newer products like Velocity and Precept will provide better coverage.

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