Dropp UltraMax brand tag
Dropp UltraMax brand tag

Dropp® UltraMAX Cotton Defoliant

Cotton growers recognise Dropp UltraMAX as the industry standard for defoliation in cooler conditions such as those in southern growing areas, the Macquarie Valley and the Upper Namoi.

The most advanced formulation in the long Dropp series, Dropp UltraMAX has a controlled mode of action that allows bolls to go on maturing without affecting lint quality and quantity, or fibre development. In favourable conditions – nighttime temperatures of 17°C or higher and high humidity – defoliation takes about ten days.

Plant response to harvest aids is governed by environmental conditions. In hotter growing areas, Dropp Liquid – which does not contain diuron – works very effectively. In cooler growing conditions, Dropp UltraMAX is an excellent tool for effective removal of cotton leaves prior to harvest.

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Product Type
Active Ingredient
Diuron 120 g/L
Thidiazuron 240 g/L
Formulation Type
Suspension concentrate (SC)
Pack Size
5 L
Application (crop) Usage (problem) Notes
Cotton Defoliation Registered in QLD, NSW, WA

Dropp UltraMAX Cotton Defoliant Product Label

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Dropp UltraMAX Cotton Defoliant Product Label

Dropp UltraMAX Cotton Defoliant SDS

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Dropp UltraMAX Cotton Defoliant SDS

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