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Why Mix It Up?

The management of weeds is the greatest challenge broadacre Australian farmers face, with an annual cost to growers of $146/ha or $3.3bn.1
This challenge increases dramatically if weed populations become resistant to herbicides, as the use of properly applied herbicides at label rates is the most consistent, effective and economical approach to control weeds.

Herbicide resistant weeds reduce profitability and choice of herbicide control options, and are a challenge on a local, national and global level. Utilising integrated weed management (IWM) approaches and mixing it up will help prevent and delay resistance on your farm.
Till August 2018 about 255 different weeds have developed resistance in 92 crops.

Resistance Tracker Videos

19 weed species display resistance, info by Bayer Crop Science.

Annual ryegrass is Australia’s most costly herbicide resistant weed, with alternate control measures and poor control costing growers more than the sum of all other resistant weeds.1

Resistant ryegrass has been found in paddocks around at least;
        69 WA towns
        62 SA towns
        66 VIC towns
        43 NSW towns2

What can I do?

Using the Resistance Tracker to learn more about local weeds you suspect are resistant -  are there any surprises about emerging weeds?

Understanding Herbicide Groups?

Using the Mode of Action (MOA) Tool to better understand herbicide chemistry

Choose the Right Product

Searching Bayer herbicides that may help

Learn IWM basics

Furthering your knowledge on IWM 101


Remembering to ‘Mix It Up’
1 GRDC 2016 Impact of Weeds on Australian Grain Production – The cost of weeds to Australian grain growers and the adoption of weed management and tillage practices.
2 Based on seed and plants tested up to 2015 by Charles Sturt University and Plant Science Consulting