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Video: How to check herbicide resistance in your area with the free resistance tracker tool

Herbicide resistance across the world

Australian growers are not alone facing herbicide resistance - behind the USA, we have the second most herbicide resistant weeds globally.
Top 5 countries data with herbicide resistance weeds.

Herbicide resistance across Australia

Herbicide resistance continues to grow - not only has the total number of resistant weeds increased, but they have also become resistant to more modes of action. Weeds can have target site and or non-target site (metabolic) resistance.


Herbicide resistance locally

Use Resistance Tracker to check the resistance status of weeds locally. Resistance tracker allows you to choose the weed, herbicide group and sub group (if applicable) and test result year and then all available test results will be mapped. Resistance development over time can also be viewed by selecting different years for each scenario.

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Australian herbicide resistant weeds per MOA group (2014 vs 2017 data).

How can I test for resistance?

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Weed Seed Test at harvest

  • Collect seeds prior to harvest, however contaminated grain or weed seeds from the soil surface can also be sampled
  • A significant amount of seed is required i.e. one cup of ryegrass seed, a 2 L ice cream container full of wild radish seeds
  • Seed testing takes about 12 weeks so plan to send samples as soon as seeds can be collected, to ensure that results are received before the next season.
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Quick Test during the season

  • Weeds from the paddock can be tested for herbicide resistance using the more convenient Quick Test
  • Select green and healthy weeds from seedlings through to advanced tillering
  • Transplanted plants with new leaves are sprayed in a cabinet sprayer
  • Results are known in four weeks

Interested in undertaking a herbicide resistance test?

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* Between 2014 and 2017
2 CropLife (2017) List of Herbicide Resistant Weeds in Australia – Valid as at 7 June 2017,