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Cultivate: The magazine for the broadacre farming industry

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Welcome to Cultivate – Bayer’s free publication for Australian broadacre farmers that aims to share the latest knowledge, innovations and on-farm solutions for the agricultural industry and showcase some of the successful partnerships that are operating both locally and globally. At Bayer, we are committed to working with grain growers and industry partners to help produce higher yields and more sustainable farming outcomes.

Through Cultivate, we aim to bring you the most credible and practical information available, keeping you informed of what is happening on-farm, as well as providing direct insights into our latest developments and research. We have recorded some stories from our second issue and turned them into podcasts that you can download and listen to when it best suits you.

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Pre-emergent Trials Highlight the Strength of Sakura

With stand-alone prosulfocarb (800 g/L) pre-emergent chemistry set to enter the broadacre herbicide market for the 2017 season, four small plot trials were conducted across Western Australia this year aimed at comparing the performance of a range of different pre-emergent grass control options, including prosulfocarb.

The Future of Precision Agriculture Lies in Data

While the future of precision agriculture is likely to involve robotics and other cutting edge technologies, the big focus will be on data ownership, according to JMAJ Precision Managing Director Adrian Roles.

Improved Disease Control from 2017 & Beyond

The launch of foliar fungicide, Aviator® Xpro®, by Bayer for the 2017 season is expected to set a new disease control standard in canola and chickpeas, and for other crops in the future.

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