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Our range of crop protection products will help protect your canola crop from pests. 

Canola fungicide treatment

When it comes to canola fungicide treatments Prosaro® 420 SC is your most effective foliar fungicide option against blackleg and sclerotinia. Current management options for sclerotinia are limited to crop rotations, cultural methods and the use of less effective fungicides. In regions prone to sclerotinia infection it is vitally important to have a proactive program for sclerotinia control in canola. Prosaro 420 SC offers flexible application timing, enabling targeted application to effectively manage blackleg and sclerotinia at the most appropriate development stage.

For more information about all the assistance we offer canola growers, you can download technical literature from the Resources section of this website, or get answers to specific questions by contacting our technical support team.

Case Study

The launch of foliar fungicide, Aviator® Xpro®, by Bayer for the 2017 season is expected to set a new disease control standard in canola and chickpeas, and for other crops in the future.

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