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Helping you grow healthier, more productive crops. Growing wheat and other cereal crops isn't as simple as it used to be. Maximising your cereal yields and quality will help produce the highest profits for your farm. Our range of crop protection products will help protect your crops from pests. 

As if too little (and occasionally too much) rainfall wasn't enough of a problem, the build up of resistant weeds, pests and diseases has meant many crop protections products are much less effective than they used to be. We have some great solutions to those challenges. Our innovative seed treatments, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides can play an important role in integrated approaches to controlling weeds, pests and diseases.

If you haven’t already heard about Sakura® herbicide or EverGol® Prime seed treatment, they are probably the most important recent additions to our range. Sakura has set new benchmarks for the effectiveness and length of pre-emergent annual ryegrass control in wheat, while EverGol Prime has ‘raised the bar’ for the level of rhizoctonia control that can now be achieved in wheat, barley and oats.

The broadleaf herbicides Velocity® and Precept® have an innovative mode of action that is helping growers manage increasing levels of herbicide resistance in broadleaf weeds, while the foliar fungicide Prosaro® is currently setting the standard in cereal and canola foliar disease control.

For full explanations of how to use all our cereal crop protection products, you can download technical literature from the Resources section of this website (and linked to each individual product page), or get answers to specific questions by contacting our technical support team

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Integrating weed control

Esperance agronomist Quentin Knight talks about other management methods that can reduce reliance on herbicides and help to keep them effective. 

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