Tropical fruits grown in Australia

Tropical fruit

Across the whole diverse range of fruits grown in Australia - from the tropics in far north Queensland to the south of Tasmania - we can help you maximise your fruit yields and defend your crops against disease and insect pests. 
When it comes to protecting your tropical and sub-tropical fruit, whether it be anything from bananas or mangoes to macadamias or avocadoes, you can use our search tool to find out more about all the Bayer products that can be used on your crops, but it’s worth mentioning one outstanding example you may not yet know about.

Movento® Energy insecticide is an innovative combination of two active ingredients that is easy to apply and can control banana weevil borer larvae and rust thrips without inducing spider mite populations to flare up. Movento Energy contains imidacloprid, the active ingredient in Confidor® Guard, providing the same powerful control of banana weevil borer larvae and rust thrips.

Its extra active ingredient, spirotetramat, helps to strengthen control of rust thrips and will also (when it is applied as directed) reduce the likelihood of spider mite populations to flare up after application of imidacloprid. In many trials, banana plants treated with Movento Energy have also shown additional vigour and growth over those treated with Confidor Guard, due to its improved pest control.

Whatever disease and insect challenges you face, you can also call on our expert technical advice about the best ways to tackle them. For general guidance, download our users’ guides. For answers to specific questions, you can contact our technical support team.

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