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Luna Sensation brandtag

Luna® Sensation Fungicide

Luna Sensation is a unique combination of the active ingredient fluopyram, a novel chemical within the ‘SDHI’ family, and trifloxystrobin. This combination targets the key apple, pear, stone fruit and almond diseases and provides unrivalled efficacy. The exceptional level of in-crop disease control provided by Luna Sensation has been shown to result in healthier looking fruit and superior shelf-life after harvest, when used as part of a robust disease control program. Now with a reduced, 14 day, withholding period for pome delivering a significant boost for apple & pear growers to tackle diseases closer to harvest*.

*It is important to note that this results in increased residues that may have relevance for export markets. Please check for the latest information on MRLs and import tolerances.

Product Type
Active Ingredient
Fluopyram 250 g/L
Trifloxystrobin 250 g/L
Formulation Type
Suspension concentrate
Pack Size
3 L
10 L
Chemical Group

Key Features

Targets blossom blight, shot hole, brown rot in stone fruit.

Targets black spot (pear scab) in pears.

Controls blossom blight, shot hole, stone fruit rust in almonds and supresses hull rot.

Targets black spot (apple scab) powdery mildew in apples and suppresses alternaria leaf blotch.

Grower Stories

Is Luna (Sensation) now the best product for powdery? 100%. Absolutely.

First-hand experience on how Luna Sensation tackled black spot, powdery mildew and alternaria from Phil Butler (E.E. Muir agronomist) and Brad Fankhauser, of Fankhauser Apples near Drouin in Gippsland.

Key cherry diseases under control in the Yarra Valley

Clean fruit in the box is everything to Adam Upton, production agronomist at CherryHill Orchards in Victoria.

Novel fungicide chemistry proves its worth in big operation

As agronomist for one of the largest apple packing facilities in the southern hemisphere, Tony Kundert needs to be across the latest technology to make the production system work.

Grower videos

Video Thumbnail Video Thumbnail

Luna Sensation: Extending the vitality of apples, pears and stone fruit

“Hail, rain or shine, whatever; it’ll be going on” - Don’t take our word for it, listen to these testimonials from growers who have tried Luna Sensation in apples and stone fruits. Offering great control of diseases such as black spot, powdery mildew and suppression of alternaria, the benefits of Luna Sensation also extend into post-harvest.

Crop Suitability

Application Usage Notes
 Stone fruit  Blossom blight
 Almonds  Blossom blight
 Pears  Black spot (pear scab)
 Almonds  Shot hole  
 Stone fruit  Shot hole  
 Almonds  Stone fruit rust  
 Apples  Black spot (apple scab)  
 Apples  Powdery mildew  
 Apples  Alternaria leaf blotch (suppression only)  
 Almonds  Hull rot  
 Stone fruit  Brown rot  


Product Comment
 Agridex® + Altacor®  Physically compatible.
 Applaud® 400 SC  Physically compatible.
 Avatar® 300 WG  Physically compatible. Constant agitation required - on standing separation/settlement will occur.
 Biopest®  Physically compatible.
 Calypso® 480 SC  Physically compatible. Constant agitation required - on standing separation/settlement will occur.
 Confidor® 200 SC  Physically compatible.
 Delegate® 250 WG  Physically compatible.
 Lannate® L 225  Physically compatible.
 Lepidex® 500 SL  Physically compatible.
 Lorsban® 500 EC  Physically compatible.
 Maldison® 500 EC  Physically compatible.
 Agridex + Movento® 240 SC  Physically compatible.
 Prodigy® 240 SC  Physically compatible.
 Revus® 250 SC  Physically compatible.
 Samurai® 500 WG  Physically compatible.
 Talstar® 250 EC  Physically compatible.
 Transform® 240 SC  Physically compatible.
 Copper Oxychloride 500 WP  Physically compatible.
 Kocide® Blue Xtra 350 WG  Physically compatible.
 Tri-Base® Blue  Physically compatible.
 Bortrac® 150  Physically compatible.
 Bio Forge  Physically compatible.
 Canopy Master 10  Physically compatible.
 Foli-Zyme  Physically compatible.
 Iron chelate  Physically compatible.
 Liquid boron  Physically compatible.
 SETT/CaB®  Physically compatible.
 Sugar Mover  Physically compatible.
 Zinc chelate  Physically compatible.
 Calcium chloride  Physically compatible. Constant agitation required - on standing separation/settlement will occur.
 Calcium nitrate  Physically compatible. Constant agitation required - on standing separation/settlement will occur.
 Ken-tac 100  Physically compatible. Constant agitation required - on standing separation/settlement will occur.
 Acramite Miticide  Physically compatible.
 Omite® 300 WP  Physically compatible. Omite settles out once agitation ceases.


Luna Sensation Product Label

Luna Sensation SDS

Luna Sensation Almond users’ guide

Luna Sensation stone fruit, apples & pears users’ guide

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