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Serendae Prime
Serendae Prime

Serenade Prime

In each container of Serenade Prime there is a guaranteed quantity of viable spores of the highly active QST 713 strain of Bacillus subtilis in an easy-to-use liquid suspension concentrate formulation.

After germination these beneficial bacteria live on plant root surfaces and in the soil around the plant root systems in a zone called the rhizosphere. In the rhizosphere, plants and bacteria can develop a mutually beneficial relationship under suitable conditions. When the interactions between the bacteria, the plants and the soil are balanced, both the plants and the bacterial populations in this zone function at a higher level as a result. When plants and beneficial bacteria are functioning in harmony in the rhizosphere, resources required for growth such as nutrients and water become more available through the mutually beneficial plant/bacteria relationship.

The benefits of the soil amelioration effects of Serenade Prime can include:

  • Higher yields
  • Better crop uniformity
  • Improved harvest crop quality
  • Improved shelf life

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